Plasma Gold 2.4mm BCR
Plasma Gold 2.4mm BCR

Whilst facial piercing vary considerably, they are often the most easily recognised thanks to their prominent position on the face. Facial piercings can also include the ears, the most commonly pierced part of the body, so its easy to see why so many piercings involve areas around the face. This can involve surface piercings and other forms of body modification, some of which can be considered quite extreme. In recent decades, facial piercings have become more acceptable, particularly eyebrow piercings and nostril piercings, but its still unusual to have certain facial piercings such as cheeks and the bridge of your nose. A large amount of piercings on the face, such as angel bites, can be seen as unattractive in many places of work and jobs that involve food and sanitary conditions request that employees remove facial piercings. Almost all facial piercings aside from ear lobes are discouraged in schools.

Facial piercings, particularly around the lips and nose, often require more care and attention during the healing process as people must be vigilant about not touching or irritating them. It can also be easier to catch them when changing or if youre involved in any kind of activity, which would seriously irritate your body modification. When getting a facial piercing, you should always thoroughly rinse at least twice a day with a saline solution on both sides of the piercing (if this is possible). Always avoid twisting your piercing as this will delay healing and many facial piercings are subject to a great deal of swelling during the initial stages (particularly the lips and tongue). To compensate, your piercer is likely to give you a long item of body jewellery, which can be changed once the swelling subsides. You can ask your piercer to change the jewellery for you, which should be included in the price of the piercing but you should always enquire to check.

When getting a facial piercing, its important to note that almost all of these piercings should be performed with a needle, not a gun. Some facial piercings, such as the ears and septum, can also be stretched to a point to create a completely different look. Always consult with a piercer before you attempt to stretch your piercing and if you wish to get a less common facial piercing, always choose an experienced piercer to get the best results. For an instantly noticeable look that is also a great way to show off your attitude, facial piercings are quickly becoming a favourite form of body modification. And with many piercings suitable for wearing with a wide range of body jewellery, there are many ways you can change your look everyday!

Common Facial Piercings
  • Ears (multiple)
  • Nostril
  • Eyebrow
  • Lip
  • Labret
  • Tongue
Unusual Facial Piercings
  • Cheek
  • Nose Bridge
  • Tongue Webbing
  • Septum
  • Vertical labret

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