What is a Orbital Piercing?

Location: Various Ear Locations
Jewellery: Rings
Healing: Varies

An orbital piercing is two separate piercings, usually in the ear, that are connected by a ball closure ring. The piercing is different to an industrial piercing which connects two piercings using a barbell, and indeed it is often better to start with two separate pieces of jewellery, only connecting the two holes with one ring after the healing process.
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Orbital Piercing: Placement
Typically done on the top of the ear, an orbital can be placed where two holes can be connected with one ring evenly to avoid discomfort.
Orbital Piercing: Fitting Your Jewellery
You should not attempt to change your ring before your piercing has healed. Check out our fitting your body jewellery guide.
Orbital Piercing: Cost & Age Restriction
An orbital piercing with us will cost between £20-£25. We operate age restriction policies for your safety. Click here for more information.
Orbital Piercing Healing & Aftercare
Healing time is dependent on the area pierced and your piercing aftercare routine. It is usually around 2 to 4 months.

More About Orbital Piercings

The range of orbital piercings makes them a popular choice for piercing enthusiasts. An orbital piercing is any piercing where two separate holes are created for one item of jewellery. This is generally an ear cartilage piercing, with this form of body modification being particularly noticeable on the hollow of the ear, but can be used anywhere. Orbital piercings can also be used on the outer rim of the ear, with navel piercings and even on the neck. BCRs are usually the body jewellery of choice but curved barbells and horseshoe rings can also be worn to great effect. 

Orbital piercings can be created by piercing the area twice at the same time or on separate occasions. If you already had a piercing that has healed, its easy to add a secondary piercing to create the orbital look. Alternatively, the two piercings can be done at the same time, though wearing a single BCR or item of jewellery is not advised initially.

The two piercings will most likely heal better if you wear separate studs or rings in each, allowing you to eventually change to a single BCR or barbell once the initial healing stage has passed. An orbital piercing can range in how long it takes to heal dependent on where you choose to get it done. With regards to an ear cartilage piercing, healing can take between 8 16 weeks.  Remember that piercing cartilage will always take longer than piercing tissue and can be more uncomfortable to pierce. 

Because orbital piercings require BCRs or other jewellery to be threaded through two separate holes, its incredibly important that you get the correct sized jewellery. This adds to the necessity for separate jewellery during the initial stages as body modification is prone to swelling in the first weeks of healing. Particularly with BCRs, if the jewellery is too big or too small then it will put pressure on the orbital piercing and cause discomfort and possibly even rejection. Choosing a lightweight material such as titanium can also result in a more comfortable wear when you start wearing a single item of jewellery. 

Orbital piercings should be cleaned twice a day with a salt water solution, or more frequently if desired. When your piercing can be taken out then you can remove it and clean both the piercing and the jewellery itself. This will drastically reduce the chances of infection but if you notice anything strange or unusual fluids being secreted by the piercing then you should always return to the piercer for advice. They may refer you to a GP if you needed to be treated for an infection. You should always wash your hands before interacting with the piercing and avoid touching it throughout the day.

You can change your piercing after the first few weeks and you can request your piercer do it for you if you feel uncertain.  Dont rush into threading one item of jewellery between the two holes, especially if they were done together, and make sure that your orbital piercing is comfortable throughout the day. A great looking ear cartilage piercing that has a completely unique style, this is a body modification that will get heads turning.

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