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Bullet For My Valentine T Shirts

You can get Bullet For My Valentine t shirts in an immense amount of stores all over the globe as the band have brilliantly built their reputation and become world-known for their heavy metal music and alternative style.

Scream, Aim & Fire For Bullet For My Valentine T Shirts

Forming as Jeff Killed John in 1998, BFMV only began their career by performing Metallica and Nirvana cover songs in Wales and then, in 2002, they signed their first record deal. Debut album ‘The Poison` came out in 2005 and the band exploded in popularity which led to the production of band t shirts and loads of other merch for adoring fans.

Being in the same group of four since they began, it has been easier for them to decide on designs for their Bullet For My Valentine t shirts to sell to their fans. The current band line-up consists of:
  • Matt Tuck (Lead vocals)
  • Michael Paget (Lead Guitarist)
  • Jason James (Bass Guitarist)
  • Michael Thomas (Drums)
Selling even more Bullet For My Valentine t shirts over the years, the band began appearing on tours and at festivals with other stars, which gave them the publicity they needed to get noticed for their raw talent.

Prove Your Devotion To Wales' Finest Metal Band With Bullet For My Valentine T Shirts

Continuing to impress fans, BFMV brought out their second album ‘Scream Aim Fire` in 2008 and hit No 4 on The Billboard 200. This achievement sold even more band t shirts and positively impacted their fan base. Carrying on to release a third album, ‘Fever’, which went to number 3, the band decided to produce even more Bullet For My Valentine t shirts that would get all fans ready for their upcoming concerts and tours.

Overall, the band has sold millions of albums worldwide and has created an immense amount of Bullet For My Valentine t shirts to go along with these great selling records. Having released their fourth album, Bullet For My Valentine have come up with new ideas for band t shirts and other heavy metal sounds for fans to indulge in.

Inspired by great artists such as Iron Maiden and Metallica, you can tell where the Bullet For My Valentine t shirts get their designs from and if this awesome band carry on with their heavy and epic sound and style they're certain to make a long lasting mark on the music industry.

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