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Paramore T Shirts

The wide range of Paramore t shirts came soon after the massive success of the bands first album which was released in 2005 just a year after the band was formed. Paramore adopted their name from the homophone ‘paramour’ which means secret lover.

Formed in 2004, the American rock band consisted of three members and critics were not too sure if they would be successful when they first interviewed the band. Shocked that the drummer was just 12 years old, people didn’t think this band would be a success but after the launch of their debut album, ‘All We Know is Falling’, critics were amazed.

Not In The Business Of Misery, Paramore Band T Shirts Are Sure To Make Fans Happy!

Their first record was based on the departure of band member Jeremy Davis when he decided to leave for personal reasons. Since the release of this album and many others they have also launched a huge collection of Paramore merch to give the fans a way to show their support for them even when they are not at gigs.

Some of the awesome Paramore t shirt designs available include:
  • Cut and Paste
  • Heart of Ice
  • Hello Cold World
  • Much Further
  • 3 Sugar Skeletons
  • Scissor Skull
  • Punk Rock
Since their first collection of Paramore t shirts were released, the band have now produced a further three albums giving them the opportunity to release even more. Paramore have become highly popular across the world and their t shirt collection has expanded and become available almost anywhere you go.

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With Paramore merchandise being stocked in music stores, online, and even gigs and festivals, fans just can’t get enough of it! All of the band's merchandise includes something that is related to the band, whether it is the style of the music, a song lyric or even one of the band's iconic photos.

Whenever you're showing any of the Paramore merch off you're sure to be recognised for loving one of the hottest bands in the music industry. Complete with a number of designs, colours, shapes and sizes the collection of Paramore t shirts provides something for everyone.

After the success of their second album "Riot!", the sales of Paramore t shirts hit the roof. After the release of their latest albums "Brand New Eyes" and "Paramore" they have expanded their collection of Paramore merchandise which has been popular with hundreds of thousands of fans all over the globe. The band keep growing with their fans and the desire for Paramore tees isn't slowing down!
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