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Falling In Reverse T Shirts

All of the Falling In Reverse t shirts have been designed with the same style that the Falling In Reverse songs have created. This post-hardcore band has managed to earn themselves a pretty big name in the alternative music industry with their blend of inventive lyrics, mind-blowing arrangements and their notorious lead singer, Ronnie Radke.

Lead vocalist Ronnie Radke was imprisoned in 2008 for two years for not reporting to his parole officer which resulted in him losing his position as lead singer in the post-hardcore band Escape the Fate. During his prison sentence he managed to form Falling In Reverse with bassist Nason Schoeffler who helped him find other band members before he quit in 2011 when he was replaced by Mika Horiuchi.

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The Falling In Reverse t shirts have been designed with the help of the band’s current line up:
  • Ronnie Radke
  • Jacky Vincent
  • Ryan Seaman
  • Mika Horiuchi
  • Derek Jones
One of the most popular t shirts in the Falling In Reverse t shirts collection are their album tees as they help to showcase the bands style and also help to promote their fantastic records. The Falling In Reverse songs featured in the ‘The Drug in Me is You’ album are perfect examples of the musical styling that the band possesses. With a total of 11 tracks, this album is 45 minutes of listening heaven that is certain to pique your interest in alternative music and the official FIR merch.

'The Drug in Me is You
' album charted at number 19 on the Billboard 200 which beat the self-titled Escape the Fate album which charted at 25. The majority of the designs on the band t shirts focus around animals, creatures and weapons that are involved with killing and blood. The Falling In Reverse t shirts that they have released are some of the best band merchandise on the market today.

Prove You're Hardcore With Your Falling In Reverse T Shirt Collection

The designs featured on the Falling In Reverse t shirts take their inspiration from the numerous tours that the band have participated in. This band supported the popular American rock band Black Veil Brides on their tour in November 2011, gaining them lots of new fans in the process.

Many of the Falling In Reverse songs have been written to express their dispute with the band Escape the Fate and to also pay their respects to some of their main inspirations including American rapper Eminem. All of the Falling In Reverse t shirts are perfect to wear at gigs as they show off your love of music and who you are there to support.
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