Skullcandy Earphones

Bringing Skullcandy earphones to our stores since 2003, Rick Alden has founded a company that we can always rely on to provide us with the most intelligent technology and quality designs we know will always deliver our music with precision sound and clarification.

Each individual set of Skullcandy headphones has an outstanding feature that makes them provide high quality performance you donít usually experience with other brands. Some Skullcandy earphones are even designed with in-line mics, so you can listen to your favourite tunes and talk hands free on your mobile phone and this creates easier travelling and promotes safety when driving.

Combining Sound Quality With Style, Skullcandy Earphones Are Perfect For Music Fans

The production of Skullcandy earphones has not only given us immense technology but also loud style and each and every single headset has been designed with an outgoing pattern or colour that is perfect for this generation.

Ranking third on the most sold earphones in the U.S market, Skullcandy headphones have made a massive impact on the music industry and have already been given a reliable reputation by most retailers around the world. Bringing comfort and ease to your days, the Skullcandy earphones have been created in many different fashions so that each personal customer can get the perfect pair for them.

There are three specific products on the market today:
  • Over Ear: For Discretion
  • On Ear: Easy Listening
  • In Ear: For Beginning Listeners

With Intelligent And Stylish Designs, Everyone Loves Skullcandy Earphones

In 2005, Skullcandy earphones hit an annual sales mark of 1.3 million and are now said to be almost reaching 100 million. The effect this company has had on the music today is immense and their quality designed headsets bring practicality to your favourite activity.

Skullcandy headphones are guaranteed to be so reliable that they have given every single customer a life time warranty on each pair and quality reassurance like this is why you know you can trust them to keep up with all of your music needs.

Named ĎThe World's Coolest Earbudí in 2008, this company are surely providing the best Skullcandy earphones possible and creating them with such class and style that everyone wants a pair.

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Skullcandy Earphones

Skullcandy Decibel Collection Agent Mixer Headphones
Skullcandy Decibel Collection Agent Mixer Headphones
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