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Asking Alexandria T Shirts

Band Name: Asking Alexandria
Years Active: 2008 - Present
Origin: York, UK
Genre: Metalcore
Band Members: Ben Bruce, Danny Worsnop, James Cassells, Sam Bettley, Cameron Liddell

Fans Are Spoilt For Choice When It Comes To Asking Alexandria T Shirts

Only recently have Asking Alexandria t shirts hit the shelves. The band formed in 2008 as an English metal core band that started their career touring in the U.S and then came back to begin preparation work for their first debut album, which put merchandise production on hold.

Changing their direction and signing with Sumerian Records instead of Foundation Records saw Asking Alexandria release their first album ‘Stand Up and Scream’, this gave them a chance to gain a large fan base and think up ideas for their band t shirts which led to their huge publicity. The idea was to get noticed in the U.S so they began touring with well-known bands such as Enter Shikari, Alesana, The Bled and Evergreen Terrace and this brought their status right up and got Asking Alexandria t shirts selling quickly alongside other merchandise such as:
  • Hoodies
  • Posters
  • Mugs
  • Beanies
  • Badges

Satisfy Your Obsession With Asking Alexandria Wearing Their Quality Tees

Building a wider fan base, they created a distinctive image for themselves and brought out a whole new range of Asking Alexandria t shirts that excited their audience immensely, and everyone wanted their metal core image. Releasing an extended album ‘Life Gone Wild’ in 2010 created a crazy reaction from their fans; people began queuing up to get their hands on their ever so popular band tees that were selling in their thousands.

Developing their style over the last few years, this band has already made their impact on the music industry; bringing out a wide range of Asking Alexandria t shirts that have shocked and surprised their fans, you know they will have a lot more in store for us in the future. Getting their second album to hit No 3 in the U.S was an amazing accomplishment and it put the band's status to the top, moving their band t shirts off the shelves at an incredible pace.

Providing us with music that certainly blows your mind, this band have the pure talent and presence that gets every fan up on their feet rocking crazily in their Asking Alexandria t shirts at every concert.

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