Black Veil Brides T Shirts

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Black Veil Brides T Shirts

When Black Veil Brides t shirts hit the shops they had a massive effect on the American rock bands image, giving them the publicity they needed to get recognised for their insane talent.

Forming in 2006, Black Veil Brides are very recent but have already made an impact on the music scene. Getting noticed on YouTube with their video ‘Knives & Pens` that got 32 million hits effortlessly was the first of their accomplishments.

Finding ways to get the band noticed even more, Black Veil Brides t shirts filled up the shelves and slowly became the most wanted band t shirts around, reaching the second biggest sales record in the country. Their first tee ever released brought them into the limelight in an instant.

Worship The Fastest Growing Band In The World With Black Veil Brides T Shirts

The popularity of Black Veil Brides t shirts has stunned the music industry and has aided this American rock band’s ascension as a recognised alternative band. Surprising many, American retailer Hot Topic were surprised to find that BVB merch was outselling products from far more well-known alternative bands such as My Chemical Romance and Slipknot and quickly introduced new designs and ranges.

You can easily get a BVB tee with their distinctive stage makeup, inspired by glam rock, or a whole range of official band merchandise with the BVB army logo in pride of place on items such as:
  • T Shirts
  • Long Sleeves Tees
  • Tops
  • Hoodies
  • Jackets
  • Bags
  • Bandanas
  • Keyrings
  • Other Accessories
Their debut album ‘Stitch These Wounds’ had a negative effect on friendships in the band, giving them diverse views on their image and bringing a tense atmosphere to their shows that brought Black Veil Brides t shirts to an all-time low. After controversy within the band they carried on with their album and changed the names of some of the songs to ensure they had their own image that no one could claim as theirs and ensuring their unique band t shirts style had an alternative look like no one else.

Grab A Piece Of BVB's Unique Style With Their Official Merch Tees!

Having disagreements between the band caused trouble with not only Black Veil Brides, but threatened their t shirt collections too. Overall BVB have had 14 members but currently the band consists of:
  • Andy Biersack: Leading Vocals, Bass
  • Christian "Coma" Mora: Drums
  • Jeremy "Jinxx" Ferguson: Rhythm Guitar, Violin, Backing Vocals
  • Jake Pitts: Lead Guitar
  • Ashley Purdy: Bass, Backing Vocals
After their album ‘Sex & Hollywood` came out, Black Veil Brides t shirts took off and everyone wanted to have their glam metal look. Continuing to evolve their music image, Black Veil Brides signed with Stand By Records in 2009 and started preparing for their first United States tour ‘Our Leather Wings` for later that year.

When the news of this tour got out, fans got excited and band t shirts were flying off the shelves. Selling an immense amount of Black Veil Brides t shirts easily, that run of concerts had a big effect on the band's look and publicity, giving them a chance to take advantage of the attention with even more tees.

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