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Bring Me The Horizon T Shirts

Stylishly designed Bring Me The Horizon t shirts are what have helped BMTH merch reach the level of popularity that it has today with fans all over the world!

Starting out in the fantastic city of Sheffield (informally known as Steel City), this band has come a long way, having toured around the world with a number of famous bands and releasing numerous successful albums and EPs - which has lead to the massive demand for these awesome Bring Me The Horizon t shirts!

Bring Me The BMTH T Shirts!

Official Bring Me The Horizon t shirts have been designed with their fans in mind so that they maintain the same style that their music has. Everything from long sleeved tops to short sleeved tees; you are guaranteed to find an item that will combine your style with your favourite bands.

Each of the band members have contributed to the designs of the BMTH merch ensuring that it reflects all of their personalities. With Bring Me The Horizon tees doing so well, each of the group's members, including fangirl favourite Oli Sykes, can take pride in the fact that they have all contributed to their success.

The band's members consist of:
  • Oliver 'Oli' Sykes
  • Lee Malia
  • Matt Kean
  • Matt Nicholls
  • Jona Weinhofen

There Aren't Better Band T Shirts Than Bring Me The Horizon Tees, Believe Us, We've Seen Them

With all of the Bring Me The Horizon t shirts doing so well alongside the group's progression, the band has taken the opportunity to expand into a number of different genres including party music, dance music, metalcore and electronic. One of their more popular tops in their BMTH merch range is the Wolven t shirt as it is the perfect summer item with a grey background and stunning wolf inspired image.

Having released a total of four albums to date, this band has managed to make a big name for themselves in the alternative music industry. Their latest album ‘Sempiternal’ has managed to bring them many new loyal fans and was one of the best rock albums of 2013. All of the BMTH t shirts have a wide range of designs that are certain to appeal to all members of their fan base.

With the success of the Bring Me The Horizon t shirts under their belt, this band has proven that they have artistic ability in a number of different fields. BMTH merch is one of the most sought after products in the metalcore music industry today as they are the perfect gig items. All of the Bring Me The Horizon t shirts will help you to show your love for your favourite band.

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