Architects T Shirts

Band Name: Architects
Years Active: 2004 - Present
Origin: Brighton, UK
Genre: Metalcore
Band Members: Tom Searle, Tim Hillier-Brook, Dan Searle, Sam Carter, Alex Dean

Celebrate British Hardcore With Architects T Shirts

Official Architects t shirts were produced following the band's success after their debut album. After releasing their first album with Distort Entertainment the band became a well known group across the globe. Following on from their gradual success, they decided to take on a European and Canadian tour which escalated the Architects merchandise sales through the roof. 

Shortly after forming in 2004 the English band from Brighton released their debut album called ‘Nightmares’ and a whole new range of Architects t shirts which got people’s attention and made them want to hear and see more. They have since released a further five albums including:
  • Ruin – 2007, Distort Entertainment
  • Hollow Crown – 2009, Century Media Records
  • The Here and Now – 2011, Century Media Records
  • Daybreaker - 2012, Century Media Records
  • Lost Forever // Lost Together - 2014, Epitaph Records
After several name changes and band line up adjustments they decided on the name Architects and began to produce Architects t shirts for all their fans. Since forming they have also played at a number of UK festivals including the famous Download, Sonisphere and even headlined at Reading & Leeds festival. They have also completed a European and Canadian tour extending their fan base worldwide.

Tees Made By The Band For Their Passionate Fans

The collection of Architects t shirts and other official merch is influenced by the band members themselves and also by the music and genre in which they create their music so whenever yo'ure wearing Architects t shirts you're sure to be recognised as a fan of their music.

Since receiving gradual success and fame the band chose to release their second album named ‘Ruin’ in 2007 which was a massive hit and lead them to create yet more Architects t shirts. As well as completing their own tour they have also gone on the road with a number of other bands including the incredible Bring Me the Horizon.

The five piece band admit they were not a huge hit right from the beginning and several band names and line up changes later they have risen to fame with a collection of albums, EP’s and singles including their latest album ‘The Here and Now’ which peaked at number 57 on the UK Charts. You can find the collection of Architects t shirts anywhere you go from music stores to online shops, festivals and gigs so you won’t have to worry about missing out.

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Architects T Shirts

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