AC/DC T Shirts

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AC/DC T Shirts

If you’re a fan of real rock music, you’ll know that AC/DC t shirts became a massive hit shortly after the Australian rock band AC/DC were formed in 1973. Just after they became a commercial success, they released their large collection of official AC/DC merchandise, which was inspired by the band members themselves and the sounds they create.

After influencing the hard rock and heavy metal music industry massively, AC/DC have released 17 studio albums and 14 of these have received platinum certification. Their best selling album to date ‘Back in Black’ has sold an estimated 49 million copies worldwide, and received a double diamond cert in the US. They're hugely popular and so are their t shirts, which fans wear with pride!

AC/DC T Shirts Are A One Way Ticket Onto The Highway To Hell!

After the loss of lead singer Bon Scott, the production of AC/DC t shirts for men was put on hold, as was the band, before Scott’s parents urged them to continue making music. After hiring new vocalist Brian Johnson, the band carried on writing music and making awesome AC/DC merchandise, including the now extremely popular AC/DC t shirts for women and kids.

In memory of the incredible singer Bon Scott there is a bronze statue in Western Australia which was revealed in 2008. After Bon Scott passed away the band released their sixth studio album ‘Back in Black’ in 1980 which has since been certified double diamond and sold over 49 million copies worldwide. As well as being the 5th best seller in US history with over 200 million sales worldwide and 71 million in the US alone, AC/DC tees are just as popular.

The band are still as massive as they were in the 70's and 80's, and latest album Rock Or Bust not only pleases old school fans of AC/DC, but has been getting the younger generations into their music too. AC/DC t shirts can be seen worn by both young and old at gigs, in pubs and even on the high street!

The Official AC DC T Shirts Range Are Inspired By A Number Of Band Members

The five band members, including Malcolm Young, Angus Young, Phil Rudd, Cliff Williams and Brian Johnson inspire the popular UK range of AC/DC t shirts. However, this hasn’t always been the case, as AC/DC has racked up a total of 13 past members during their period since forming, so you may well find some vintage band t shirts within the fabulous collection of AC/DC merchandise that include some former band members.

As well as the great success with sales and merch, the band has also accumulated a number of awards including an ARIA Award for the Best Rock Album and even a 2010 Grammy Award for Best Band Rock Performance. You can find these AC/DC t shirts wherever you go, from music stores to online shops and even gigs and festivals, so don’t miss out.

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