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My Chemical Romance T Shirts

Inspired by the 9/11 attacks, My Chemical Romance were formed in 2001 by front man Gerard Way and drummer Matt Pelissier and the first ever written song was ‘Skylines and Turnstiles’. Their first recorded song was ‘Our Lady of Sorrows’ which took place in Pelissier’s attic.

Pay Tribute To The Departed Band With My Chemical Romance T Shirts

Most of the My Chemical Romance t shirts have the world known MCR logo on the front, so that all of the music t shirts can promote different albums, concerts and singles for all of MCR’s new releases and tour dates.

Creating a huge collection of My Chemical Romance t shirts over the last ten years, the band have widened their fan base and built a massive reputation as an alternative rock band. After releasing their first album ‘I Brought You Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love’ with Eyeball Records, My Chemical Romance signed with Reprise Records and released their commercially successful second album ‘Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge’ that won them platinum status in 2004 and made their band t shirts even more popular.

All of the My Chemical Romance t shirts and performances are inspired by moments like these and created with everyone’s input, each member has their own effect on the band and it wouldn’t be the same without:
  • Gerard Way: Lead Singer
  • Ray Toro: Lead Guitarist
  • Mikey Way: Base Guitar
  • Frank Lero: Rhythm Guitar
  • Matt Pelissier: Drums

Join The Black Parade With Official My Chemical Romance T Shirts

In 2007, My Chemical Romance t shirts became extremely popular after the release of their best-selling album ‘Welcome to the Black Parade’. They began creating this record in 2006 and promoted its release date at a one off concert that sold out in fifteen minutes. Their advertisement of this album was twenty caped people with the name across their clothes followed by fans down the street.

That publicity stunt got all the fans over excited and My Chemical Romance t shirts were at their highest selling. The band worked hard to get their status up and with a large number of band t shirts online and on the street they promoted their alternative rock music all the time until their unfortunate breakup in 2013.

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