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Slipknot T Shirts

There's no better way to pay tribute to one of the greatest modern metal bands than by wearing one of a huge variety of Slipknot t shirts! There's a huge range of official Slipknot tees dedicated to this amazing group that have been stirring up controversy and blowing minds for over a decade.

All of the Slipknot t shirts have been designed to create the look of the band themselves and the outrageous theme of the American rock band has become instantly recognisable ever since they formed. You will notice this with the Slipknot clothing range sold in shops all over the globe.

Wear Slipknot's Iconic Shocking Image With Their Official Slipknot T Shirts!

The band formed in 1995 with only two members, Shawn Crahan and Paul Gray, and over the last sixteen years they have had fourteen different members. After the passing of Paul Gray, they are complete with eight masked members in the band. Being together for almost two decades, the band has sold an amazing amount of albums, gig tickets and Slipknot t shirts to get fans ready for all of their concerts and signings.

When the metal band took part in their first tour in 1999 as part of the Ozzfest, Slipknot t shirts became very popular straight away and their dark and aggressive style was followed by an immense amount of fans. Selling their first album and creating their first video ‘Welcome to the Neighbourhood` in 1999, their Slipknot clothing sold a record amount and widened their audience dramatically, which was perfect for the upcoming tours they had planned.

Inspiring the design of Slipknot t shirts with their iconic creepy look, every member of the band has had an influence on the style of their clothing and music and today the brilliant metal band consists of:

Sid Wilson: Turntables
Joey Jordison: Drums
Chris Fehn: Custom Percussion, Backing Vocals
Jim Root: Guitar
Craig "133" Jones: Sampling, Media
Shawn "Clown" Crahan: Custom Percussion, Backing Vocals
Mick Thomson: Guitar
Corey Taylor: Lead Vocals

The Biggest Band In Modern Metal Also Produce The Most Awesome T Shirts

When they won their Grammy for best metal performance in 2006, the Slipknot t shirt sales grew enormously, as did their audience. Fourth album ‘All Hope Is Gone` hit No. 1 effortlessly and gave the band the chance to take advantage of Slipknot clothing and produce an array of new designs to show the respect for the late Paul Gray and get everyone ready for their headlining at the Sonisphere Festival. With the release of their fifth record, The Gray Chapter, the band have proven to be as popular ever, as are their tees.

Bringing us great rock music since 1995 and outrageous Slipknot clothing for all concerts and festivals, the range of Slipknot t shirts from this rock band will most certainly be lighting up our stores for many years to come.

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