Stargazer Nail Polish

The Stargazer nail polish collection is made up of some of the finest substances that are strong, resistant and not harmful to you or the environment. Stargazer's main focus is to allow people to express themselves through some of the most vibrant colours that are always key to the portrayal of an individual’s feelings.

Stargazer’s mission has been to increase the popularity of alternative cosmetics that are known to make you the centre of attention in most, if not all, situations. You can trust they know what they 're talking about too as they have been around since 1978. They're one of the most impressive beauty companies around today, having started out in a market stall they are now an accomplished self-manufacturing company.

Brighten Up Your Fingertips With Stargazer Nail Polish!

Stargazer have managed to remain very successful for around 30 years and will definitely be around for many more years to come, supplying top quality Stargazer nail polish in a number of styles, including:
  • Nail Polish – 48 vibrant colours including glitter and fluorescent colours for the best effect possible
  • Ultra Cover Nail Polish – A range of nail colours with a metallic sheen.
  • Manicure Sets – If you yearn for a professional look then Stargazer offer their nail varnishes as part of manicure sets.
  • Summer Orchid Nail Polish – A special luminescence range of varnish
  • Gloss Nail Polish  - A limited edition selection of six colours that leave a high gloss finish on your nails.
  • Crackle Nail Polish – Layer over another colour and watch this varnish contract to reveal parts of the colour underneath!
  • Opal Nail Polish – High pearlised colour in a selection of colours to create a jewelled shimmer to your nails.
Along with Stargazer nail polish, the brands sell a number of different nail related products from varnish to false nails. There are a few different types available for each individual so that you can wear what you feel comfortable in and not have to choose from a small selection. A number of different Stargazer nail polish ranges including chrome, cracked, creme and orchid.

Almost Every Shade Of The Rainbow Could Be Yours From Stargazer's Nail Polish Collection!

As well as Stargazer nail polish, the brand also sells a number of nail related products that are all suitable for what everyone needs. Their nail polish remover is very easy to use and now has a very pleasant scent added to it so that you're not buffeted by a strong odour. Stargazer nail art pens also give you the chance to become an artist and experiment with a number of different colours and designs that you believe reflect you as a person. It's up to you to pick the combination of colours which you believe is best for you image.

Stargazer nail jewellery can be combined with their nail varnishes and consist of high class rhinestones that, when hit with light, will make your nails reflect some of the most beautiful designs. With all of these products sitting alongside Stargazer nail polish, you're in for a treat.

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Stargazer Nail Polish

Stargazer No. 101 Neon Nail Polish (Neon Green)
Stargazer No. 101 Neon Nail Polish (Neon Green)
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