Stargazer Hair Dye

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Stargazer Hair Dye

Known for its use of some of the most vibrant colours on the market, the Stargazer hair dye range has taken bright hair a step further by using UV hair colours to make people even more noticeable. As the company has grown bigger and bigger, so has their range of shades as they believe that colour is the best way to express yourself and make a statement.

Their semi-permanent hair dye is famed for its beautiful colours and the long length of time that it lasts for, resulting in some very happy and stylish customers. With such a massive range of Stargazer hair dye colours to choose from there is always something that you will like, including reds, blues, purples and pink shades.

Awesome Stargazer Hair Dye Colours At Blue Banana

Since the Stargazer hair dye team has introduced UV colours into their selection, their sales have sky-rocketed as people want to really stand out in a night club and stargazer's colourful dyes are the best way to do it. Since Stargazer started in 1978 their products have completely revolutionised the punk fashion scene and have always managed to bring their alternative looks into the mainstream fashion industry.

The company have a number of hair products to help you with the look that you really want. Their hair mascara is perfect if you want streaks of colour in your hair on a one off occasion, instead of having it there for weeks, and their hair wax gives you the chance to experiment a little with numerous different styles and hopefully find something that you want on a permanent basis. Giving you 26 shocking colours to choose from, the Stargazer hair dye collection ensures you can find the perfect look for you.
  • Vibrant & Unique Stargazer Hair Dye
  • A Huge Range Of Colours, Including Bright UV Shades
  • Ideal For Reinventing Your Look With Stunning Results

This Stargazer Hair Dye Can Also Glow In The Dark!

Along with Stargazer hair dye, there is also a range of different hair gels including neon hair gel and metallic hair gel. Neon gel gives you the chance to change the colour of your hair to some of your favourite shades which glows under UV lights. Metallic gel shows off a range of different dark colours which are designed to cater to the needs of the alternative individual.

With so much choice in this collection, individuals can ensure they have that vibrant look, bold colour or natural image that they have been searching for. In addition to their vibrant colours, Stargazer hair dye is also created with only the safest substances that also aren't ever tested on animals.

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