Metal Mulisha Etnies

A range of Metal Mulisha Etnies is just one of the ways both successful companies have expanded their offerings and provided customers with something just a little bit different.

A Collaboration Of Awesome Brands, Metal Mulisha Etnies Produce High Quality Footwear!

When Metal Mulisha started they only focused on making the best t shirts around but they are now focusing on all kinds of clothing and accessories, and some of their most successful is their footwear. They have joined forces with the footwear brand Etnies to create some of the best shoes for sports as extreme as motocross and skateboarding.

The co-founder of the company, Brian Deegan, is part of the Etnies team, which is why they have played a big part in their footwear range. Deegan is an extremely talented motocross athlete and has won a number of competitions, as well as being the first person to win a supercross race by ghost riding a dirt bike across the finish line. It is this collaboration that Metal Mulisha Etnies was born from.

All of the footwear made by Metal Mulisha Etnies is made with the strongest materials to ensure that their shoes will survive through the harshness of the sports that they are most commonly used for. The majority of the designs featured on the footwear include the instantly recognisable E symbol for the Etnies brand which has helped considerably with their popularity as they're a very successful shoe company amongst the BMX and skateboarding crowd.

For The Best In Extreme Sports Footwear, Look No Further Than Metal Mulisha Etnies

The strong soles of Metal Mulisha Etnies have allowed them to stay tough when being faced with some of the most damaging sports such as:
  • BMX
  • Skateboarding
  • Moto X
  • Mixed Martial Arts
The link up that has produced Metal Mulisha Etnies has been extremely important for Metal Mulisha's success as it has helped them gain the experience they were lacking in the footwear scene. Due to Etnies help, Brian Deegan is still an active member of their team and has been winning a number of competitions in a few different fields including Moto X, either on a dirt bike or in a truck.

Metal Mulisha Etnies will be a partnership for a long time and will continue creating fantastic new shoes with new features to make everything safer and more comfortable for both riders and casual consumers.

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Metal Mulisha Etnies