Newbreed Girl Hoodies

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Newbreed Girl Hoodies

Cool Newbreed Girl hoodies come from the clothing company that is known to "take fun seriously”. After being in the industry for a number of years the business has expanded to a worldwide company and achieved great success and their hoodies and other products are currently stocked all over the world across 150 boutiques and shops!

Newbreed Girl Hoodies Are Cute, Quirky & Totally Awesome!

After starting their business in a Hollywood apartment, three friends – Delia, Patrick and Nigel – originally produced only t shirts. This is still their main focus today but they also sell Newbreed Girl hoodies, purses, key rings and boyfriend tees.

One of the aims of Newbreed Girl hoodies and the company in general is to please their customers and they do this by creating high quality hooded tops with cute and funky designs. The hoodies are made out of 100% cotton to ensure that they are very comfy and last for a long time. Newbreed Girl also does ‘custom fits’ which as a company are very proud of. After all, the smallest adjustment makes a big difference to the customers. Whether you need to lower the neck line or shorten the sleeves, they are happy to alter their items.

If You Don't Take Your Image Too Seriously Then Check Adorable Newbreed Girl Hoodies

Although many Newbreed Girl hoodies are similar in design to the t shirts, they are changed slightly to provide a fresh, unique image.  Some of the designs on both tees and hoodies include:
  • Tokzillla
  • Chompers the Shark
  • 3D Dinosaur 
  • Rarr Monster
All Newbreed Girl hoodies are designed to keep you warm in those cold winter months, as well as just for any casual occasion. You can wear these hooded tops wherever you like, whether it’s to a friend’s house for a lazy day or a stroll on the beach on a bit of a chilly day!

The awesome apparel designed and made by this brand comes in a range of different styles, from pull over to zip through, and some even include a cool zip fastening hood. With great designs, warm hoodies and great quality you cannot go wrong with some Newbreed Girl hoodies in your wardrobe.

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