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Converse Slip Ons

Brand Name: Converse
Established: 1908 Ė Present Day
Speciality: Footwear and Apparel
Product Lines: Trainers, High Tops, Clothing, Accessories
Fashion Styles: Street Wear, Sports Apparel, Casual Clothing
A successful line of Converse slip ons is one of the lesser known ranges from this brand but still extremely popular. As one of Americaís leading shoe manufacturers, Converse has a lot to live up to with all of the success it has faced over the years. Their slip on shoe range is perfect for all weather and they are the ideal trainers if you want something to put on and take off quickly.

Great Casual Style Is As Easy To Obtain As Slipping On A Pair Of Converse

The majority of Converse shoes were designed by sportsmen who now have their own ranges including basketball player Chuck Taylor and badminton player Jack Purcell, as well as a designer named John Varvatos. All of these designers have crafted a number of Converse slip ons that everyone is bound to like.

The majority of Converse slip ons are designed for casual wear, while there are some that can be worn for sporting activities including skateboarding and basketball. Their sandals are perfect for summer and will always give your feet the chance to get some air on those hot days. All of their menís Converse slip ons are designed solely for comfort and durability and because they stretch to get your feet in, they have great flexibility.

All Converse slip ons feature two or more colours so that people can find the perfect combination for them, these colours include:
  • Black and Grey
  • White and Silver
  • Tan and Brown
  • Blue and Red
  • Purple and Pink
  • Green and Yellow

Converse Slip Ons, Another great Addition to the Converse Family Of Shoes

Famed for their brilliant Converse slip ons, the company has earned millions of fans around the world who love how they have changed what traditional trainers look like. Due to the fact that they have become so successful, Converse has had the chance to experiment more with different shapes and designs for their footwear range. With Converse slip ons always developing and evolving, itís hard not to find something you like.

Converse have a number of limited edition slip ons that are created by celebrities who all want to design something that reflects them and their style. Some of the celebrities who are involved in this footwear include The Ramones, AC/DC, Ozzy Osbourne, The Clash, Nirvana and The Who.

The limited edition footwear takes 15% of each sale and gives it to a HIV/AIDS charity which is a worthwhile cause and a charity that this company fully supports. So with Converse slip ons youíre getting a great pair of trainers and supporting a good cause.  
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