Osiris High Tops

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Osiris High Tops

A great number of Osiris high tops are available from this famed skate shoe brand, perfect for everyone and everywhere, no matter what their style. Their comfort and durability is why they have become so successful on the skateboarding and alternative fashion scene and are worn by so many of the world’s best skateboarders. 

The cushioning inside these trainers is a massive help when it comes to the rough and tumble of skateboarding, which is why they're so popular. They're called high tops because the shoe reaches further up the ankle than others, protecting the ankle from any damage that may come to it. This could be from a simple accident if you fall off your board when learning a new trick. Either way, your Osiris high tops are there to help save you from injury.

Inspired By Pro Skaters With Unique Individual Style

Over the years, Osiris high tops have been made in collaboration with various professionals and designers to make sure they serve their purpose and look great too. Osiris have a number of teams and sponsor several riders from different sports to maintain their interest in the lifestyle that have made them famous.

All of the team members and riders contribute to Osiris' high top trainers, whether it is in appearance or design. Some of the team members include Corey Duffel, Stu Graham, Taylor Bingaman, Leticia Bufoni and Caswell Berry. One of the most popular items in the Osiris high tops range was created with the help of skater Dave Mayhew, who created the Osiris D3 shoe which has had a number of new designs for its range including:
  • D3 2001
  • D3 NTX
  • D3 4.0
  • D3 Snowboarding Boot

You'll Find The Perfect Osiris High Tops Amongst Their Massively Varied Range!

There's a massive number of Osiris high tops in their footwear range and their designs are always of the highest possible standard, which is why they have been bought by so many people around the world. One of their most successful high tops range is the Osiris NYC 83 trainers which have received a many positive reviews due to their fashionable nature and practicality.

Osiris high tops are famed for their constant reinvention to keep up with the most protective and comfortable features that skate shoes should have and you too could benefit from their innovative and stylish designs. So don't miss out on getting your own pair!
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