Barry M Nail Paint

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Barry M Nail Paint

A wide range of Barry M nail varnish form a large part of the backbone of this renowned British cosmetics company. They have been designing and manufacturing their famous, and originally named, nail paints and many other products since the early 1980’s and today Barry M is still one of the leading beauty cosmetic companies in the UK. 

Make Those Fingertips Fabulous With Barry M Nail Paint!

As well as the great beauty products, such as Dazzle Dust and lip paints, Barry M also manufacture over 50 shades of stunning Barry M nail varnish ranging from pure white through to decadent red. Some of the nail paints on offer include:
  • Strawberry Ice Cream
  • Blue Moon
  • Dusky Mauve
  • Mushroom
  • Block Orange
  • Blue Glitter
  • Silver
  • Emerald Green
Every item in the Barry M nail varnish collection is quick drying for your satisfaction, meaning you don’t have to sit and not touch anything for half an hour like you would with any normal nail polish. Barry M aim to keep everyone happy with all of their products, so with over 50 gorgeous colours of nail paint to choose from you can be sure there will be something for you.

As well as the normal array of colours there are also metallic, neon and glitter Barry M nail varnishes that give a unique effect such as hologram hexagon, silver cascade, once upon a time, neon pink and neon green.
Barry M also produces accessories with their nail polish range, such as nail whiteners and nail files to make sure that your look is always at its best. Barry M nail polish is well known for its vivid colour and long lasting look that doesn’t easily chip or scratch. Their three in one nail polish is also perfect for nail care, featuring a hardening polish that will keep your nail healthy and it can also be used to a base coat AND top coat to make your nails look divine, which is why it earned the Essential Best Beauty Buys 2011 award.

Paint Those Nails To Perfection With Barry M

Barry M is at the forefront of creating amazing new styles of nail varnish, such as their instant effects range. These nail varnishes aim to give your nails an amazing look that is sure to be noticed. Their crackle nail polish contracts as it dries, creating an asymmetrical pattern that shows the base coat underneath for a two-tone style. Their metallic instant effect nail varnishes also give a gorgeous effect that you’ll want to wear every day. 

Aiming to please with all of their products, Barry M nail varnish glides onto your nails leaving you with a smooth and flawless finish.  Each of their nail paints is durable and will last for around one week after applying 1 – 2 coats of the varnish. Founder Barry Mero aims to rename his products to make them exclusive, unique and appealing to all and he has certainly exceeded with this popular selection.

All of these items are animal friendly which is quite a rare but great factor in beauty products these days. They try to keep as many of their products as possible animal friendly; however some of them contain beeswax which may not be suitable for some vegetarians so always check your polish before use. The great thing about Barry M nail varnish is that it is affordable but high quality.

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