Marvel Caps

The distinctive Marvel caps have become some of the most recognisable merchandise and memorabilia in the fashion industry today. Praised for their homage to the comic book world, each hat has been designed with a unique style and a certain character or story in mind. This has led to their exceptional rise in popularity and the incredible amount of success that Marvel caps alone have generated.

Show How Much You Love Your Favourite Heroes With Awesome Marvel Caps

The history of these Marvel caps covers quite a journey and shows progression for the company. Originally starting out under the name of ‘Timely Comics’ in the Empire State Building, they quickly had to move headquarters due to their immense success. Marvel started in 1939 and since then has become one of the world’s most successful companies in a number of different fields. Some of the areas in which Marvel has excelled include:
  • Comic Books
  • Films
  • TV Shows
  • Clothing
  • Video Games
These Marvel caps feature some amazing designs of the most iconic superheroes as well as their symbols and logos that have been created by Marvel. Joining forces with the infamous New Era, who are well known and recognised for their successful hats and caps, some of Marvel’s best characters can now be introduced into the fashion industry.

The ‘New Era Marvel comic heroes’ trucker cap features four of the most recognisable Marvel characters; Wolverine, Spiderman, Hulk and Thor. This indicates just one of the ways in which Marvel caps respects the company and the comics.

Indulge Your Superhero Fandom With Stylish Marvel Caps!

A number of Marvel caps and hats feature different character logos, including Captain America’s star, the X for X men, a Spider for Spiderman and a numerical four for the Fantastic Four. Due to the fact that New Era are involved with the production of each and every Marvel cap, all of them are made with the best quality.

Because of the stylish designs on the caps, you’ll find that people will often compliment you and you’ll soon become the envy of all of your friends. So, go and check out the awesome selection of Marvel caps that they have to offer -  you won’t regret it!

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Marvel Caps

Marvel Comics Captain America Classic Cap (Black/Blue)
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