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Sullen T Shirts

Brand Name: Sullen
Established: 2001 – Present Day
Speciality: Tattoo Clothing
Product Lines: T Shirts, Hoodies and Tops
Fashion Styles: Tattoo
The Sullen brand are devout followers of high quality tattoo designs and have been amongst the fashion industry for ten years. With such care and consideration towards their designs it’s always great to see Sullen t shirts find their place.

With a strong team of tattoo t shirt designers such as Simon Hayag and Jack Rudy. Sullen have become a dedicated alternative clothing provider with the simple goal in mind to create high quality tattoo style clothing. They do this by building relationships with a wide range of artists and designers, offering plenty of unique designs for both men and women.
Sullen t shirts are so diverse and cover such a range of amazing tattoo designs that you’d think they’d be content with what they have. However, Sullen clothing is always striving to seek out new designers and new styles so there is always something new and great just around the corner.

Sullen have even introduced a new collection called 'Sullen Angels', which is specifically designed for women, ensuring everyone can get their hands on incredible tattoo art t shirts. With their interest in seeking out new talent and inspiration, Sullen t shirts are completely ahead of the game in the tattoo style t shirt field.

Some of the inspirations already shown in their work include the following:
  • The Day of the Dead Festival
  • Skulls
  • Beautiful Women
  • Rock Music
  • Dark Imagery
  • Tattoo Artwork
  • The Sullen Logo
The driving force behind Sullen t shirts is the Sullen Art Collective where artists come from all over the world to create and collaborate on t shirt designs. This means that Sullen printed t shirts are utterly unique in their designs and can be found nowhere else. This is emphasised with each tee as they have a specific link to the designer, whether their name is printed on the top or it is the name of the tee itself.

Ideal for wearing to all occasions, from casual to formal, from daily wear to events and festivals, you'll find any excuse to show off the artistic designs on Sullen t shirts.

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