Sullen Hoodies

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Sullen Hoodies

These awesome Sullen Hoodies are a unique selection of items with a strong aim of following tattoo styles and utilising them for their own alternative trend. Their hoodies are an aspect of this and the Sullen team works hard to make sure that they have a range of fascinating and practical designs.

Sullen clothing are strong followers of alternative music and give artists recognition through their artist signature apparel. They also support alternative sports such as skating, BMX, motocross & surfing.

Artistic Alternatively Designed Hoodies From Sullen

With the majority of the Sullen designer team being regular athletes in many sports, you can be sure that Sullen hoodies have been designed with those sports in mind. They've also been created with the unique identity of these sports, making them ideal for fellow followers of extreme sports fashion. Sullen hoodies provide you with style, allow you to support your favourite sport and also give you comfort like no other.

Sullen hoodies have been noted to be heavily influenced by something called the ‘Sullen Art Collective’, which aims to utilise tattoo artists from all over the world and create a unique collection of designs suitable for a wide range of clothing. Each and every single hoodie designed by Sullen Clothing presents you with a distinctive design unlike any other. The logo itself, of a skull with crossed paintbrushes, is one of the many signs of their artistic ability in their work, which can be clearly seen in all of their Sullen hoodies.

Tattoo Styles of Sullen Hoodies:

  • Contemporary Design
  • Gang Inspired Styles
  • Pin – up Design
  • Tribal Design
  • Oriental Design
  • Old School/ Traditional Western
  • Tattoos Typography
With so many Sullen hoodies to choose from and an incredibly impressive selection of designs and styles, you’ll literally be spoilt for choice. The motto of Sullen clothing is ‘it always comes back to art, because Sullen is true art’, which signifies what this particular company is all about.

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