What is a Lip Piercing?

Location: Lip
Jewellery: Labret Stud, Rings
Healing: 6 to 8 weeks or longer

The form of lip piercings and various body jewellery is hugely popular in the modern age. Although this art is considered a relatively new-wave trend, lip piercing and body decorating with jewellery have been around since the beginning of time.
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Lip Piercing Placement
There are a number of different possibilites of positioning when it comes to lip piercing, including angel bites and medusa pierings.
Lip Piercing Jewellery
A simple ring or labret are the most common types of jewellery as they are the most comfortable in the lip area.
Lip Piercing Process
Generally pierced from the outside, lip piercings can also be performed from the inside out, depending on your piercer.
Lip Piercing Aftercare
Lip piercing healing time depends on the exact piercing, but usually 6 to 8 weeks is normal for a standard labret piercing.

More About Lip Piercings

There are many locations that can be pierced in this area, including each side of the upper lip, one or both sides of the lower lip or a combination of both can be used for lip piercings, depending on what people require.

Anywhere you go, lip piercings can be seen on anyone ranging from the average person to the most famous celebrity. Getting any type of body piercing requires a person to have a certain disregard for the mundane and average. The type of person who gets this procedure done loves to find creative ways of self-expression. One of those ways is through lip piercings and the wearing of fashionable body jewellery.

Depending on what lip piercings you require, the procedure and cost will vary slightly, as will the type of jewellery you choose.  Gold lip jewellery will cost more than silver, titanium or surgical grade stainless steel. All of these factors affect the total price of lip piercings so make sure you ask about cost beforehand.

The best lip piercings are done safely in a reputable studio with a well-trained piercer who practices high standards of cleanliness throughout the whole process. The procedure for lip piercings typically follows these steps:
  • Many studios will ask you to sign a consent form before any type of piercing.  This should be no different with lip piercings.
  • Before the procedure begins, you will be asked to pick the jewellery you want.  The piercer can recommend and assist you when choosing the correct jewellery for that particular type of piercing.
  • You must then choose and confirm where you want to get your lip pierced.  Making a mistake at this stage can leave you regretting your decision so now is the time to make sure.  The condition of the skin will be examined to make sure you are suitable for the procedure.
  • It is then likely you will be asked to disinfect your mouth by using a sterile mouthwash.  The outside of the skin will also be disinfected.
  • To ensure your lip piercings are done in the correct place, the piercer will mark the entrance and exit point of the puncture with a sterile, disposable marker before clamping the skin taut with sterile, surgical steel forceps. This procedure helps to hold the puncture sight in position and helps with pain control.
  • The lip will then be pierced with a sterile, unused needle. During withdrawal, a plastic sheath will temporarily remain inside the puncture until the selected jewellery is threaded through.
  • Once your lip piercings are complete, you should be given aftercare instructions to ensure the risk of infection and rejection is reduced.

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