16mm UV Bendy Bar (Green/Blue Leaf)

The art of corset piercing is a procedure done to simulate the look of a laced corset. Most often done on the back, the piercings are usually placed in two bilateral symmetrical rows, similar to the eyelet holes of a real corset. Most corset piercings are intended to be of a temporary nature due to the fact that they are close to the surface and are prone to migration or rejection, and often do not heal completely.

There are permanent and temporary types of corset piercing, although the permanent type is much more difficult to achieve. The temporary form is often done for aesthetic or fetish reasons and the piercings are normally worn for less than a week before they are removed. Since they are open wounds, they are subject to the same risk of infection and cross-contamination as any other open wound. Once the piercings are removed there is usually minimal scarring, if any. Temporary corset piercings are often laced with ribbon to replicate the look of clothing.

It is possible to achieve a permanent corset piercing, although it requires much attention and care.  They need to be done by multiple surface piercings or by transdermal implants. To date, there has been some success in retaining permanent piercings by using surface bars or tubing, which move gracefully with the body and present less stress on the piercings. Corset piercings are intended to be laced while they are healing but with permanent corset piercings, lacing is avoided so as not to disturb the healing process. Once the piercings are fully healed, the bead at the ends of the surface bars can be replaced with a special bead, designed to accept a ring similar to a bondage bar. Still, extra care should be taken when lacing is worn with a corset piercing because any tension whatsoever will disrupt the piercing sites.

The healing process for a corset piercing is the same as any other surface piercing, with the added complication of having not just one wound to heal, but many. However, the location of the piercings makes the aftercare process much more difficult.  It will probably be necessary to acquire the help of someone else to clean them on a regular basis and check for any signs of infection.  If any problems such as infection or rejection do occur, then there may be an increased risk of scarring.  However, this is a risk many are happy to take when acquiring a corset piercing.

The art of corset piercing is becoming more and more popular as people want a quick fashion statement that looks great.  It has developed so much in recent years that corset piercing is now done in other areas of the body too.  There are examples of women getting this process done on their chest, legs and side of the torso.  It would take a certain dedication to get this done, but that is all part of the exhibition that corset piercing allows you to create.

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