What is a Nipple Piercing?

Location: Nipple
Jewellery: Ring, Straight Barbell
Healing: 3 to 9 months or longer

The craze of nipple piercings is becoming more and more popular in the modern age and it is slowly gaining mainstream acceptance.  Though piercing the nipples has always had a sexual connotation and is stereotypically associated with alternative sexual experience, many nipple piercings are done simply as a fashion statement.
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Nipple Piercing: Cost & Age Restriction
A nipple piercing with us will cost between £20-£25. We operate age restriction policies for your safety. Click here for more information. 
Nipple Piercing: Jewellery
A simple ring or straight barbell are the most common types of jewellery as they are the most comfortable in the nipple area.
Nipple Piercing: Procedure
Many piercers use forceps, but nipple sensitivity is very different in different people, so seek your piercers advice if you are very sensitive.
Nipple Piercing: Pain
Many people describe the nipple piercing pain as like stepping on a sharp pin - it's around the higher end of piercing pain levels.

More About Nipple Piercings

Many pre-historical cultures around the Mediterranean used nipple piercings as a ritual into adulthood. The practice spread into the Roman Empire and was used to signify status on the battlefield or as a sexual servant. The practice of nipple piercings became less ritualistic as Western culture progressed, becoming more a fashion statement than a badge of anything official.

Surprisingly, nipple piercings are one of the least painful piercings that one can receive. Though the nipples are quite sensitive areas of the body, the surface area of the nipple versus that of the nipple ring are the closest of nearly any piercing, providing a shielding from the pain from a sort of overstimulation. Also, many people report no pain when their endorphins kick in as a response to nervousness.  It is most likely this adrenaline rush that reduces the pain of nipple piercings, making it a much easier experience.

The process of nipple piercing can still occur if they are abnormally shaped.  However, those with inverted or oddly shaped nipples are encouraged to make an appointment with their piercer before the actual appointment to determine how to best pierce the nipple.  The average healing time of this procedure is around 6 to 8 weeks. Those undergoing the healing process are encouraged to use ice packs, sea salt soaks and avoid aggravation of the affected area.

There are several myths about nipple piercing, many of which are false.  For example, some believe that women must stop wearing bras or wear a bigger bra to accommodate their piercing.  This is simply not true, although it may help reduce aggravation during the initial healing period.  Another myth is that pierced nipples will stay erect; again this is untrue as, after healing, the nipple will return to normal.  Sensitivity is often thought to be affected with nipple piercings, but no sensitivity should be lost under normal circumstances.  For the best information about nipple piercings, it is best talking to a professional before undergoing the procedure.

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