What is a Nose Piercing?

Location: Nose
Jewellery: Barbell, Rings, Studs
Healing: Varies

Unsurprisingly, nose piercings are one of the most popular types of body modification. This type of piercing is low maintenance, attractive and one of the most socially acceptable adornments that a person can get. Both women and men that want a unique, yet easy piercing, may want to opt for nose piercings, at least until they are ready for more extreme accessories.
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Nose Piercing: Cost & Age Restriction
A nose piercing with us will cost between £12-£20. We operate age restriction policies for your safety. Click here for more information.
Nose Piercing: Jewellery
There are very few limits on jewellery, with rings, circular barbells and studs all being worn in the different nose piercings.
Nose Piercing: Process
Usually made from the outside in, the piercing process is likely to make your eyes water but won't be too painful.
Nose Piercing: Aftercare
Healing time is between 4 weeks and 4 months. Take a look at our range of tea tree oil for a great aftercare product.

More About Nose Piercings

When individuals decide to get nose piercings, they will first have to decide where they want it and what type of nose jewellery they find the most attractive. The nostril is the most common place for a person to pierce their nose. These piercings can be placed on either the left or right, usually in the middle of the nostril. A stud, screw, or ring is then chosen, depending on the look one is going for. When first getting nose piercings, it is important to make sure that the jewellery is not too tight as this will slow the healing process.

The septum is another popular place for nose piercings. The septum is the piece of cartilage that separates the two nostrils. A U-bend is usually used during the piercing process but may be swapped for a spike after the piercing has healed. However, a U-bend gives a person the option of hiding the piercing, since the jewellery is in the shape of a semi circle. This is the only example of nose piercings that can be totally hidden, which many people especially appreciate.

The last type of nose piercing is a bit more eclectic than the first two. The bridge of the nose, between the eyes, can be pierced if an individual is going for a more unique look. A barbell is usually used for this, although a spike may be worn after it has had ample time to heal. While this is not as popular a choice of nose piercing, some more daring body modifiers may be interested in getting creative and breaking free from the norm.

In general, nose piercings are a quick and easy piercing to get. The process usually takes less than 30 minutes when considering the consultation and after-care instruction, and is not as painful as many would think. Most describe it to be a quick pinch, although the area will swell and may throb for a few hours. Also, if a person decides that they no longer want their nose pierced, it will usually heal in about 3 months time. Due to the versatility that nose piercings offer, many men and women choose to wear a nose ring as a way of expressing their unique style.

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