1.2 x 8mm Opal Steel Barbell (Clear)
1.2 x 8mm Opal Steel Barbell (Clear)

The history of body piercing is a long and varied one.  Depending on the area of the piercing, the history can stretch back thousands of years or be fairly recent in comparison.  The nose is the faceís most prominent feature and piercings here can be very attractive because they accentuate the face. Leonardo De Vinci, the great artist, believed the nose was the prominent feature that set the character of the whole face of an individual. Nose piercings have been taking place for many generations and will continue into future generations to come, giving them quite a long history.

The history of body piercing relating to nose piercings was first recorded in the Middle East more than 4,000 years ago and was brought about by the Moghul emperors. The women usually wore them in the left nostril with the belief that it helped in making child bearing easier as well as eased womenís menstrual cycle. Nowadays, nose piercings are becoming more socially acceptable and many celebrities are wearing these attractive pieces.

Long ago, the history of body piercing began with the ever-popular ear piercing.  Many primitive tribes believed that ear lobe piercings served a magical purpose. They believed that evil spirits could enter the body through the ears and so they wore body jewellery in the belief that the metal would keep the evil spirits away.  It is believed that the ear lobe was probably manís first attempt at body piercing because of the ease of the process. The oldest mummified body that was found was said to be more than 5,000 years old. The body was found frozen in an Austrian glacier in 1991 and the ear holes had been enlarged to 7-11 mm in diameter.  Now the history of body piercing will show that it is a universal practice and will continue to take place in future generations. They help make a fashion statement by improving personal appearance for those that wear earrings with fashionable outfits.

The history of body piercing regarding the navel is a much shorter one, as it is one of the more modern practices. The invention of navel piercings has never been recorded in primitive cultures but has become very popular in modern times. The area has long been recognised as an erogenous zone because of the unique difference in menís and womenís stomachs.  In todayís times, women are getting navel piercings to accentuate the stomach area in order to look more attractive to the human eye.  While the past hasnít held much with regards to the navel, the history of body piercing is sure to encompass more of this trend in future.

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