What is a Eyebrow Piercing?

Location: Eyebrow
Jewellery: Ring, Curved Bars
Healing: 6 to 8 weeks

An eyebrow piercing is a relatively common type of facial adornment in the Western world. Like most surface piercings, it is contemporary in its origin. They tend to be safer than other forms because of the absence of excess irritation. However, makeup and beauty products applied near the eyebrow can sometimes cause an eyebrow piercing to become infected.
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Eyebrow Piercing: Cost & Age Restriction
An eyebrow piercing with us will cost £15-£20. We operate age restriction policies for your safety. Click here for more information. 
Eyebrow Piercing: Jewellery
A simple ring or curved barbell are the most common types of jewellery as they are the most comfortable in the Eyebrow area.
Eyebrow Piercing: Process
If done correctly many piercees say that the eyebrow is a very painless piercing, around the same sort of pain level as plucking.
Eyebrow Piercing: Aftercare
Healing time is 6 to 8 weeks, but can be longer depending on your anatomy and the area of eyebrow you choose to have pierced.

More About Eyebrow Piercing

There are many types of jewellery used in an eyebrow piercing. The most common types include captive bead rings, barbells and curved barbells. Each of these types of jewellery put various amounts of pressure on the pierced area which can lead to migration and irritation in freshly pierced skin. Surface bars are fairly uncommon in an initial eyebrow piercing, although some may choose to use them.

Most people get eyebrow piercings in a distinct location. This is usually at the outside corner of the eye and usually at a 40 degree angle. However, it is common for people to get their piercing anywhere above the eye to the edge of the eyebrow. An eyebrow piercing placed horizontally beyond the location above the eye can cause damage to sensitive nerves and should therefore be avoided.

An eyebrow piercing takes some time to heal. When a person gets such a modification, he or she is looking at a healing time of 6-8 weeks. In some cases, it may take longer to heal from this type of piercing. They will only heal quickly, with few problems, if the proper care is applied. Once healed, a person can change his or her eyebrow piercing without much pain or discomfort.

After an eyebrow piercing heals, it can close within 48 hours of removing the jewellery. This is because the skin in the eyebrow is very thin. Itís important to keep in mind that there are occasions where it may take longer than 48 hours for a piercing to heal. However, the length of time depends on many factors such as the length of time you have had the eyebrow piercing, how quickly your body heals and how your body reacts to the removal of the jewellery.

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