New Rock Platform Shoes

Get your hands on some high quality footwear from one of the world’s most unique alternative fashion brands in the form of New Rock platform shoes. These thick heeled gothic style boots will truly make you stand out from the crowd and separate you from the wannabe goths and posers.

Anyone who’s truly into dark and alternative fashion recognises the quality and must have style of New Rock platform shoes. New Rock is famous for not conforming to what mainstream fashion dictates you should wear and these uncompromising values make their footwear some of the most unique around.

Be Truly Alternative With New Rock Platform Shoes

When many choose to all dress the same it’s hard to stand out from everybody else, but luckily when you rock a pair of New Rock platform shoes you never have to worry about conforming. The New Rock brand was born in Spain in 1978 and the family owned business has for over three decades been producing truly alternative shoe designs. The brand has always strived for quality and uniqueness, and the designs are inspired by gothic fashion and futuristic styles like cyberpunk. Their boots, shoes and even clothing always push the boundaries of taste and there are few brands that are as alternative and uncompromising in its values and image. Wherever you see goths, cybergoths or even punks, you’re bound to see at least one person wearing a pair of New Rocks.

New Rock platform shoes come in a huge variety of different styles and all have the quality design and attention to detail that the alternative footwear brand has become a cult favourite for. Whilst the classic boot is often what New Rock is recognised for, their shoes are just as iconic and full of style and intricate design. The "M” series with their traditional chunky heels, premium leather and metallic trims are striking in appearance and are what many traditionally associate with the brand. However, as an alternative, there are also a great collection of smart casual and formal shoes, with dark slick styles a trendy vampire might wear. There’s a New Rock shoe for almost anyone with an eye for the unique and all are made to the customer’s requirements.

Prove Your Hardcore Goth Credentials With New Rock Platform Shoes

  • High Quality Footwear From New Rock
  • Unique Gothic Inspired Designs For Alternative Styles
  • Custom Made For A Perfect Fit In Size & Appearance
So, if you truly want to be alternative and stand out from the crowds, invest in a pair of high quality New Rock platform shoes that feature authentic gothic styles anyone with an eye for dark fashion will need for their footwear collection.

New Rock Platform Shoes

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