Joy Division T Shirts

If you want to worship the legacy of one of the most influential cult bands to have ever rocked the music world, then you donít want to miss out on Joy Division t shirts. These official merchandise band tees feature designs inspired by the iconic music of the short lived group that included singer Ian Curtis.

Fans of the gloomy post punk group definitely wonít be ashamed to wear these Joy Division t shirts that are inspired by their famous albums such as Unknown Pleasures. Any music fan that wants to show they have good taste should have one hanging in their wardrobe!

Letís Wear Joy Divisions T Shirts And Celebrate The Irony!

Thereís a good reason why serious music fans will want Joy Division t shirts, and thatís because theyíre one of the most influential bands to have ever existed. The Manchester group only had brief stint in the limelight, but they had a big impact on indie guitar music. Joy Division are famous for their gloomy and atmospheric rock music, led by their iconic frontman Ian Curtis and his depressing lyrics. They released two full albums, Unknown Pleasures and Closer, before Curtis committed suicide in 1980 due to depression and diagnosis with epilepsy. The dark band has influenced a large amount of groups in many genres, from gothic rock to indie guitar music. The remaining members of the group after Ianís passing formed iconic 80s pop band New Order.

Fans of the short lived Manchester group are as passionate as any, so demand is high for Joy Division t shirts and other merchandise. Like their music, tees dedicated to the band are suitably dark and cool, and they tastefully pay tribute to their legacy. One of their most famous albums, with cover art any music nerd will recognise, Unknown Pleasures, is also represented in t shirt form for diehard fans to get their hands on. Whether worn to gigs or just casually as part of your style, you can let everyone know you have good taste and a healthy respect for one of rock musicís most intriguing groups.  

Joy Division T Shirts Get You Closer To Unknown Pleasures

  • Official Band Merchandise T Shirts
  • Features Iconic Album Cover Art, Such As Unknown Pleasures
  • Perfect For Fans Of The Short Lived & Influential Band
So if youíre fascinated with the tragic story of Ian Curtis and Joy Divisionís gloomy but awesome music, then you shouldnít miss out on getting your hands on some amazing t shirts dedicated to one of rock musicís most acclaimed cult bands.

Joy Division T Shirts