Dawn Of The Dead T Shirts

Pay your respects to a classic horror movie that helped shape the zombie movie genre by grabbing some Dawn Of The Dead t shirts. These amazing movie tees all feature designs inspired by the sequel to the ground breaking Night Of The Living Dead, directed by George A. Romero.

You can show your love of classic zombie horror with these Dawn Of The Dead t shirts that feature designs inspired by the George A. Romero directed film. Whether a movie buff or just a fan of zombie stuff, these are the perfect tees to wear on all kinds of casual occasions.

Worship A Zombie Movie Classic With Dawn Of The Dead T Shirts!

Any fan of classic horror, or someone that just loves zombies in any form, should definitely get their get their hands on some Dawn Of The Dead t shirts. Dawn Of The Dead, released in 1978, was directed by famous director George A. Romero and was a sequel to his innovative zombie horror classic, Night Of The Living Dead.

Part horror, and also part satire of politics and consumerist culture, pretty much all the tropes of zombie media we see in modern TV shows like The Walking Dead and games like Left 4 Dead are based upon Dawn Of The Dead. The movie is so popular and influential that itís even been given a remake and was hilariously spoofed in the British comedy movie Shaun Of The Dead, starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.

You can tastefully pay tribute to the zombie horror classic with Dawn Of The Dead t shirts and they feature cool designs that are inspired by George A. Romeroís 1978 film. One such cool design includes the Head Shots tee that features a quote from the classic film that reads "When thereís no more room in hell, the dead will walk the EarthĒ, and some zombie heads.

Rise From Your Grave And Grab Some Dawn Of The Dead T Shirts!

  • Awesome T Shirts Dedicated To The Classic Zombie Horror Movie
  • Ideal Treat For Fans Of George A. Romeroís 1978 Film
  • Great Range Of Zombie Inspired Designs
These zombie shirts are perfect for zombie fans of all ages, and even if perhaps you havenít seen the movie that helped form peopleís obsession with zombies in the first place, youíre bound to love these great Dawn Of The Dead tees thatíll get you some kudos from horror film fans.

Whether you worship at the feet of influential zombie horror director George A. Romero or perhaps just love zombies from modern TV shows like The Walking Dead, if you really appreciate the shuffling undead in any form then donít hesitate in getting a Dawn Of The Dead t shirt!

Dawn Of The Dead T Shirts