Dr Martens Chelsea Boots

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Dr Martens Chelsea Boots

If you’ve been looking for high quality footwear from a legendary brand with prestige and an interesting history then you can’t go wrong with a pair of Dr Martens Chelsea boots. These unique boots are another stylish and top of the range design from a shoe company that’s been worn for decades.

The Dr Martens Chelsea boots are ideal smart casual footwear for wearing on all occasions, and with their comfortable and high quality design they make a worthy investment. You’ll definitely stand out from the crowd with their high shine smooth leather finish too.

Buck The Trend With A Pair Of Dr Martens Chelsea Boots!

Dr Martens Chelsea boots are another unique design from the world famous Dr Martens footwear brand. Dr Martens over its long history has built an immensely respected reputation for producing high quality shoes that buck the trends and stand out from the crowd. Initially worn for work, Doc Martens soon became a symbol for rebellious style and has been worn by punks, skinheads, mods, grunge kids and anyone with a taste for the alternative.

In modern times the brand is as popular as ever and although the legacy of Dr Martens has been built upon the classic 1460 boot, they’ve expanded their repertoire to create a large range of fantastic footwear for all tastes and styles, including the wonderful Chelsea model.

Adding to the Chelsea's comfort and stylish design is the iconic brand exclusive AirWair rubber sole that makes them truly unique in the footwear market. They’re perfect for wearing on all different occasions, whether that’s work, casual days out or even formal events.

Kick Out Mediocrity With A Pair Of Dr Martens Chelsea Boots

  • Stunning High Shine Smooth Leather Finish
  • Comfortable To Wear & Easy To Slip On & Off
  • Smart Casual Style Ideal For Many Occasions
As you should expect from a footwear company that’s been making shoes for over 50 years, Dr Martens Chelsea boots have a high quality design made with plenty of attention to detail. Chelsea’s are produced with high shine smooth leather that makes them stand out and look smart. Not only that, but they include an elasticated side and heel loop that makes them easy to slip on and off.

When it comes to high quality footwear design, there are few better options around than the smooth leather style of the Dr Martens Chelsea boot. Great for all occasions and supremely comfortable, you needn’t buy any other pair of boots for a long time to come.