The Blackout T Shirts

Fans of one of Britain’s most popular alternative rock bands definitely shouldn’t miss out on their chance to grab The Blackout t shirts! These official merchandise band tees all feature designs inspired by the Welsh group’s music that most definitely stand out from generic music shirts.

The Blackout t shirts make the perfect gift for all kinds of fans of the British band that have released classic album such as "Start The Party” and "The Best In Town”. No true devotee to The Blackout should show up to any gig without one of their awesome tees in tribute to their awesomeness!

Start The Party Wearing The Blackout T Shirts!

If you really want to prove to everybody that you’re a true fan of The Blackout then getting The Blackout t shirts are the best way to go about it. The Blackout formed in 2003 and were a part of a huge wave of awesome alternative and metal bands emerging from Wales, including Funeral For A Friend, Kids In Glass Houses and Bullet For My Valentine.

The Blackout t shirts, like their music and personality, are unique and light-hearted in their appeal, making sure that they definitely stand out from the usual generic band shirts you often see. For passionate fans of the Welsh group there are a great number of band tees up for grabs including the Being Me and Party Cat designs.

The Being Me shirt is definitely for the cocky and confident individuals and reads "It’s F%*king Great Being Me”. As an alternative to that the Party Cat t shirt includes a meowing kitten wearing geek glasses, a gold chain necklace and a snapback hat for a hilarious and cute design.

Worship Your Favourite Band With The Blackout T Shirts

  • Official Merchandise The Blackout T Shirts
  • Unique Designs Inspired By The Groups Music & Personality
  • Ideal Treat For All Fans Of The Welsh Alternative Rock Band
The Blackout's debut record "We Are The Dynamite” released in 2007 and ever since then the band have been growing and growing, touring all over the world. They’ve always had a fun attitude towards their music and this is represented in their most recent release, "Start The Party”, and their band t shirts, which have a quirky style.

Any devoted individual to The Blackout will no doubt immediately get their hands on an awesome t shirt in tribute to the alternative rock band from Wales. And who can blame them when there are awesome and unique designs such as the Party Cat and Being Me tee!

The Blackout T Shirts

The Blackout Party Cat T Shirt (White)
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