Criminal Damage Bomber Jackets

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Criminal Damage Bomber Jackets

Become an underground don, an urban star and a designer streetwear ambassador wearing some Criminal Damage bomber jackets. Bomber jackets can sometimes be a bit ‘hit and miss’, if they aren’t targeted and designed carefully they have the ability to explode and make a mockery out of your outfit. But these bombers come with great damage, its criminal as well, even more exciting!

With a bomber jacket by Criminal Damage you can kill so many birds with one stone. Firstly they’re durable and resistant to everyday wear and tear making them a reliable choice for anyone. Second off they balance breathability and comfort, allowing you to stay ventilated but also keeping your temperature good using soft interiors. Thirdly, they’re strikingly rare and unique, often using alluring designs and referencing popular culture to provide great identity and character.

Urban Designer Fashion With Criminal Damage Bomber Jackets

Bomber jackets or some may say 'flight jackets' were originally designed with US army aircrews in mind. Yet now these Criminal Damage flight jackets are here to combat something entirely different, bad fashion and boring designs. Although the authentic bomber jacket construction remains pretty much intact Criminal Damage have simply applied a more streamline and casual theme to its original self. It’s also replaced the dark green, shady black and camo patterns of original US bomber jackets with colourful elaborate designs and graphics for the fashion conscious crowd to embrace.

People who love urban fashion or streetwear clothing designs seem to be attracted to the Criminal Damage fashion brand. The main reason Criminal Damage succeeds is because they provide luxury urban designs at affordable high street prices. You can walk away from a Criminal Damage shopping spree with some of the grittiest, boldest and most showy urban designer styles available but at a fraction of the cost compared to shopping with the high end big players.

Get Warm But Remain Stylish With Some Cool Criminal Damage Bomber Jackets

If you thought bomber jackets were a thing of the past well you’re wrong because Criminal Damage are breathing life and soul into the old boy. If you want to express your unique urban edge within seconds of putting something over your head then some Criminal Damage bomber jackets are bound to do just that. Blue Banana stocks some of the most popular Criminal Damage jackets out there, and if you aren’t after jackets then how about having a search through our range of Criminal Damage T shirts, jumpers, hoodies and jeans.