Kick Ass 2 T Shirts

Fans of the sequel to one of the funniest superhero parody movies of all time will definitely want to add a Kick Ass 2 t shirt to their collection. This official merchandise shirt makes the perfect treat to those that gave Kick Ass 2 a firm thumbs up of approval and want the whole world to know about it.

Comedy movie fans wonít be disappointed with a Kick Ass 2 t shirt as they feature designs directly inspired by the comic book movie adaptation. Those that loved the character Colonel Stars and Stripes played by Jim Carrey will be especially pleased as thereís an awesome shirt dedicated to him.

Kickiní Ass With A Kick Ass 2 T Shirt

Anyone that loved the follow up to the immensely popular supehero comedy film Kick Ass definitely doesnít want to miss out on a Kick Ass 2 t shirt that features a print design inspired by the movie. The Kick Ass movies are based off a comic of the same name and follows the struggles of a nerdy young man who decides to try and emulate his superhero inspirations by becoming a superhero himself called Kick Ass.

The sequel saw the return of popular characters such as Hit Girl and introduced new favourites such as Colonel Stars And Stripes played by Jim Carrey. The ultra-violent superhero parody movie is one for fans of classic comic book movies and comedies. A Kick Ass 2 t shirt is the best way for a fan to show their admiration and support for the film that received mixed reviews upon release.

Based off of popular characters from the film, one particular Kick Ass 2 tee features a print design of Colonel Stars & Stripes, a new superhero introduced in the Kick Ass sequel. With an American flag background, the shirt dedicated to the hero, played by Jim Carrey, will be recognised by all Kick Ass fans and makes the perfect geeky item of clothing to wear casually and show how much of a hardcore devotee you are.

Prove Youíre A True Fan With A Kick Ass 2 T Shirt

  • Official Merchandise Kick Ass 2 T Shirt
  • Unique Design Inspired By Colonel Stars & Stripes
  • Ideal Treat For Fans Of The Superhero Action Comedy
So if youíre a comedy action movie fan and hardcore devotee to the sequel to Kick Ass, then you donít want to miss out an opportunity to prove your stripes with a Kick Ass 2 T Shirt.

Featuring a print design of one of the filmís characters, Colonel Stars & Stripes played by Jim Carrey, itís the only t shirt youíll ever need when it comes to worshipping the comic book movie adaptation.

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Kick Ass 2 T Shirts

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