Blue Banana Seamless 925 Silver Ring (0.8mm x 8mm)
Blue Banana Seamless 925 Silver Ring (0.8mm x 8mm)

There’s no mistaking the growing popularity of the daith heart piercing, and for good reason! The daith is one of the most interesting places to have a cartilage piercing, and because of the placement, the heart shaped jewellery is perfectly positioned in the ear. If you wanted a piercing unlike any other, with an interesting piece of jewellery, then this is definitely the type you’ll want.

If you’re a fan of the daith heart piercing, and need some new jewellery then you’ll want to use and abuse our various piercings offers. We’ve put 3 for 2 on all body jewellery, and if that wasn’t a great enough deal, we’ll also give you free delivery. Perfect for stocking up different colours of your favourite cartilage piercing jewellery, so you have plenty of choice.

Update Your Daith Piercing With Our Heart Jewellery

Because we don’t want to confuse you with mystery metal, we have made each of our daith heart piercing jewellery from steel, and at a size of 10mm so that they fit you perfectly. In order to keep your jewellery in place at all times, they’ve been made to be strong, however if you find them too difficult to open, you may wish to invest in a pair of opening and closing pliers so that you can get them out with ease.

Whilst you can buy lots of daith heart piercing jewellery from our online store, you can also have them inserted when you get your daith piercing in one of our stores. Many people will be concerned with the pain of getting this piercing done, but pain varies between individuals, and the pain will instantly come to end the moment the piercer has finished placing the jewellery.

You’ll Love Our Selection Of Daith Heart Piercing Jewellery

Daith heart piercing jewellery isn’t the only thing that you can decorate your piercing with! We have plenty of 1.2mm jewellery that will fit you perfectly. Whether you wanted a nicely coloured BCR ring, segement ring or something more simple like a barbell, you’ll find plenty of choice in a selection of different materials and colours.

We may have plenty of different daith heart piercing jewellery for you to get excited over, but it’d be a huge mistake to think this is all we have to offer you. We have everything from the standard BCRS, studs and labret jewellery that fits a wide range of piercings, but we also have more tailored jewellery such as tragus and stretched piercing specific jewellery.

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