Hello Kitty Headphones

Hello Kitty or full name Kitty White has become a prominent and popular cartoon character within alternative fashion, but you can now adopt the wonderfully cute bobtail cat on Hello Kitty headphones.

Known for her adorable image, Hello Kitty provides women with a really sweet clothing logo, however, with these headphones the cute cat is striking back with all the expected qualities found within modern day headband headphones.

Just because Hello Kitty appears sweet and cute it doesnít stop these designer headphones from packing a punch. They boast all the comfortable fineries found on popular headphones, as well as being highly adaptable to most devices.

Turn Up The Cuteness Volume With A Pair Of Hello Kitty Headphones

Using a 3.5mm jack the Hello Kitty headphones can be used with iPads, iPods, tablets, handheld games, learning devices and portable DVD players with a power capability of 50mW. Comfort is also a big feature for Kitty White headphones as it delivers a sensual hug to the ears with a soft touch headband and pads, including a matte rubberised finish to the ear cups.

If youíre someone who has already developed a large collection of Hello Kitty merchandise whether itís clothing or household goods, then these brilliant Hello Kitty music headphones are sure to attract your tastes. Alternatively you may have noticed a friend or family member using Hello Kitty gifts or wearing Hello Kitty clothing then these headphones will make the perfect present and addition to their existing range.

Owning Hello Kitty accessories can make you seem an adorable person but of course underneath those headphones anything can be going on, you could be listening to death metal or gangster rap, but to any outsiders youíll still remain a pleasant and precious human. These Hello Kitty compatible headphones are certain to do your innocent image wonders.

Adopt The Cutest Piece Of Japanese Popular Culture By Owning Hello Kitty Headphones

  • Official Merchandise Hello Kitty Headphones
  • Cute Designs Inspired The Immensely Popular Japanese Brand
  • The Perfect Gift For Fans Of Hello Kitty
Hello Kitty designed headphones are sure to help you stand out from the crowd. Why settle for bland or boring designs when you can pay that bit extra for a show stopping piece of Hello Kitty music equipment.

The Hello Kitty creator Yuko Shimizu must be flabbergasted at how well her tiny little Kitty has done, the selection of Hello Kitty merchandise is forever growing and the famous Japanese design is being implemented on to pretty much anything. These headphones are sure to be the icing on the cake for any Hello Kitty fan.

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Hello Kitty Headphones

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