Vintage Cocktail Dresses

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Vintage Cocktail Dresses

If you want to dress smart but not too formal then some vintage cocktail dresses can really help to achieve a stylish and sophisticated image. Cocktail dresses is a posh term for party dresses, the phrase itself was first used by fashion icon Christian Dior in the late 1940s, now that is vintage! This type of dress is perfect for going to parties, meals, work do’s or other events that require you to dress smart but not overly formal.

If You’re Looking For Cool Retro Fashion Then Why Not Start With Some Vintage Cocktail Dresses

Modern cocktail dresses come in an array of flashy and contemporary designs, often high market but still set for semi-formal occasions. When you throw the term vintage into the equation cocktail dresses transform into an altogether more retro and elegant lady like appeal. Vintage dresses have the ability to stand out by not using modern accessories and features but by remaining classy, voluminous and oozing character.

Vintage cocktail dresses can use an array of retro designs and traditional features from vintage 1920s to 1950s dresses, polka dot dresses and skater dresses, the list is endless. Vintage is all about bringing back the style from bygone eras, celebrating what was ‘in’ at the time and bringing it back into our up to date fast paced world. More and more people are turning to vintage charm rather than indulging in expensive new designer labels.

Switch Up Your Style In Seconds With Vintage Cocktail Dresses

Vintage prom cocktail dresses are also brilliant for turning up to a big event; they help you to show off a different edge and scope to the rest of the dressers. Retro cocktail dresses are often less pricey than standard designer dresses, with many people being able to find cheap cocktail dresses for half the price of common party dresses.

Perhaps you’re fed up of always having to keep up with the latest fashion trends and those upmarket brands are doing nothing for your purse? Then why not switch up your style and go retro with some vintage dresses. Just because they’re modelled on older more classical fashion it isn’t to say you can’t find sexy vintage-inspired cocktail dresses which will accentuate your figure and have you looking like a modern day princess.

Vintage evening dresses bring something different to the table and more often than not you’ll be praised by the crowd on your totally unique look. Trade in the typical cocktail dresses and adopt some retro dresses with sequins, peplums and glitter for an overall glamorous vintage appearance!

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