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Steel Panther T Shirts

If youíre a fan of American heavy metal bands then you could be interested in some cool Steel Panther t shirts. By wearing Steel Panther tees youíll be representing the 1980s Glam rock lifestyle which is often portrayed by the comedy rock band.

Members Michael Starr, Satchel, Lexxii Foxx and Stix Zadinia all entered the Glam metal scene in the early 2000s. Initially they looked to play covers from previous 80's glam rock bands, but actually made their name as parody group bringing back the long hair and dodgy clothes from the glam metal scene.

Celebrate Comical Glam Rock With Steel Panther T Shirts

Since their birth, Steel Panther have earned the acclaim of many fans who still have a guilty pleasure for glam rock music. Fans of Steel Panther enjoy showing their admiration by buying comical Steel Panther merchandise including figures, housewares and Steel Panther clothing.

Although the band makes heavy metal music which is intended to sell records the groups overriding nature is tongue in cheek comedy, using ridiculous and wacky lyrics to add lightness to their heavy metal riffs.

Energising riffs and crazy over the top guitar solos are the main makeup of the Steel Panther sound. The 80's metal music still rings true with their recent releases but this time it holds more wit and comedy with satirical lyrics often deemed as offensive. You can buy Steel Panther t shirts with album cover designs, prints of the band members themselves or tops referencing their greatest songs and achievements.

Love Offensive Comical Glam Rock Bands? Then Grab Yourself Some Official Steel Panther T Shirts

  • Official Band Merchandise Steel Panther T Shirts
  • Ideal Gift For Fans Of The Glam Rock Parody Group
  • Unique Styles & Designs Inspired By Steel Panther Artwork & Music
The band is still a bit of an enigma with some hard core metal fans snubbing their sounds but people who usually hate the genre enjoy Steel Pantherís style and audacious nature. This means that even if you donít usually like official heavy metal band merchandise you can make one exception with a Steel Panther top, hoodie or badge. Matched up with some jeans and trainers youíll be reflecting your tastes in just one design alone.

Of course it doesnít have to be a shout out to Steel Pantherís music in order to celebrate with Steel Panther merch. Steel Panther TV Show t shirts or clothing showcasing the Steel Panther Movie can still have you representing the funny Glam rock band. If you enjoy the sounds or crude behaviour of the over exaggerating heavy metal band then come and get involved with some official Steel Panther merchandise.

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