Studded Bra

If you enjoy wearing funky clothing accessories that offer that bit extra in terms of decoration and design then why not acquire a cool new studded bra for your wardrobe? Studded underwear and accessories are usually tailored for people who adopt a grungy, gothic or vintage 80s style. Metallic and outlandish trims are often associated with Gothic clothing accessories and alternative fashions, however, bras that are studded can easily be integrated into any scene or style.

That punk look created by spike studs can be reflected with any type of clothing, including bras. You can gain an all over studded decoration for the full on ‘wow’ factor, perfect for dressing up or impressing a partner, alternatively you can buy bras with small stud decorations for a subtler approach and a finer detail.

Glimmer At Night Time With A Shiny Studded Bra

Adding extra shine, glimmer and sparkle to your lingerie and nightwear can have you reaping the rewards. You’re much more likely to attract the eyes of onlookers if you’re wearing a bra that’s highly decorated with studs. For a luxurious look you can use gold spiked bras that show off that elitist and sophisticated golden look. For an altogether more vibrant and wild appearance there are studded bras with green, red or multi-coloured spikes which will have you standing out in your new improved colourful underwear.

Many bombshell bras feature studded decorations or extra vibrant designs and colours to help you stand out. Wearing a fairly low cut top with just the edges and rims of your spiked bra showing will be more than enough to get hearts throbbing. People are so impressed with the spiked bra style that girls have taken to studding their own bras in DIY bra studding, transforming a plain bra into something with extra edgy appeal.

Alternative Studded Bras Perfect For Achieving A Unique Appearance

  • A Stunning Range Of Women's Studded Bras
  • Colourful Designs From Brands Such As Poizen Industries
  • Ideal For Lighting Up The Evening In Town Or The Bedroom
If you want to stand out on perhaps a special night out, a big event, or you simply wish to show off, then bras with decorations can help you do just that. Poizen Industries bras are well renowned for their added volume, character and sparkle, and with Blue Banana selling a great collection of Poizen Industries bras you’re certain to complete a beautifully decorated style.

Whether you’re a fan of Gothic clothing accessories and alternative underwear or you simply want to add more glamour to your outfits why not get involved in bras with studs, sparkle and shine!

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Studded Bra

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