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Heisenberg T Shirt

Show how much you love one of the most iconic television characters in recent years with a Heisenberg t shirt. All of these cool tees feature the drug dealing alter ego of Walter White, the cancer diagnosed former chemistry teacher thatís the star of the hugely popular drama series Breaking Bad.

All fans of Breaking Bad will most definitely love to get their hands on a Heisenberg t shirt, and there are a great variety of designs featuring the badass and highly quotable character from the US crime drama thatís become an internet sensation and pop culture phenomenon.

Remember His Name With A Heisenberg T Shirt  

Probably just about everybody thatís a fan of Breaking Bad, whether a hardcore devotee or someone whoís only just discovered the US drama, will want a Heisenberg t shirt for their wardrobe as soon as they see them. The meth cooking alter ego of Walter White has a built a cult following for his exploits in the show, with many people admiring his badass character, iconic appearance and memorable quotes.

People also love Heisenberg for the way he straddles the line between being a good and bad person with his actions, and critics have praised Walter White, or Heisenberg, as being one of the best written characters in modern television. With all this high praise, itís no secret why fans want to get their mitts on a Heisenberg tee for themselves.

There are plenty of different designs to choose from amongst our Heisenberg t shirt collection so every fan of the iconic character is sure to find the perfect one amongst our selection of Breaking Bad tees. Of particular interest to fans will be the Heisenberg Sketch shirt, which features a black and white drawing of Walter with his trademark appearance of a hat and moustache that has earned him his cool reputation.

Fans will also probably love another of our Heisenberg tees that features a photo print of the character with his name written in a Grand Theft Auto style font. Both of these are must have t shirts for Breaking Bad devotees and those that appreciate the TV drama character that already rates as one of the greatest of all time.

Pay Tribute To One Of Televisionís Greatest Characters With A Heisenberg T Shirt

  • Official Merchandise Breaking Bad T Shirts
  • Great Range Of Tees Featuring The Iconic  Heisenberg Character
  • Perfect Gift For All Fans Of The Hit US Drama Series
So if youíre a huge fan of the hit US drama everybodyís talking about, and are fascinated by its iconic lead character, then get yourself a Heisenberg t shirt. All feature the meth dealing alter ego of Walter White in a variety of designs that are must haves for those that watch the show.

So should you invest in a cool Heisenberg tee? Youíre goddamn right you should!

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