Mood Mugs

Treat someone special to an amusing novelty cup that allows them to express their feelings with one of our hilarious mood mugs. These funny mugs feature a variety of different emotions on their faces that are bound to make people laugh and smile when they receive them.

The Two Heads Are Better Than One mood mugs each feature a unique and individual facial expression upon their smiley faces that are sure to lighten the mood up at work or on an early morning when brewing that crucial first hot drink.

Cheer Your Friends Up With An Amusing Mood Mug!

These funny novelty mood mugs make the perfect gift to give to someone who loves a bit of a laugh when it comes to lightening up boring household objects. Each of the Two Heads Are Better Than One cups feature an individual emotion on their face, ranging from the winking Cheeky Chappie, smiley Happy As Larry, grumpy Monstrously Moody, snoozy Seriously Sleepy and frustrated Severely Stressed Mugs.

With such a great range of feelings being expressed on the faces of the cool cups, youíre bound to find one that suits either your own or somebody elseís current mood. You may also find yourself wanting to collect them all so you have the whole set of moods to choose from to fit your feelings for the day!

Mood mugs are not just funny and pleasant to look at, theyíre also highly practical. Each mug features a hand shaped groove on the side to make them easier to grip in place of a traditional handle and are made from a heat resistant material to prevent your hand from getting burnt by scolding hot tea or coffee. Mood mugs are extremely unique in every way, so thereís just no resisting their quirky charm!

Cool And Collectible Mood Mugs

  • Great Variety Of Emotional Designs Such As Sleepy, Stressed & Cheeky
  • Heat Resistant & Easy To Grip In Hand
  • Ideal Gift & Highly Collectible
If you know somebody who loves a novelty mug, then treat them to one of these awesome Two Heads Are Better Than One mood mugs. With a great variety of funny emotions just about everybody can relate to, these highly collectible cups are a must have for those that enjoy a good laugh when drinking hot beverages at home or work.

So donít miss out on their unique and amusing designs and lighten the mood with an awesome mod mug thatís bound to please anyone you gift them to.

Mood Mugs

Two Heads Are Better Than One Severely Stressed Mood Mug
Two Heads Are Better Than One Severely Stressed Mood Mug
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