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UCLA T Shirts

Dress in iconic student style using a world renowned brand with UCLA t shirts! The UCLA clothing brand was spawned out of the famous University California Los Angeles. Their clothes continue to be worn by not only students from the American university, but people everywhere that wish to be a part of its legendary heritage and timeless sporty style.

UCLA T Shirts Including The L.A Uni Emblem Are Not Just For Those Residing In The US

These UCLA t shirts are highly fashionable with people who enjoy the vintage designer sports look. Although the majority of UCLA tees show broad referencing to the classic college, years have gone by showing that you don't need to be studying, visiting or even be born in America to make great use of this fashion line.

The UCLA brand originates from the world famous American college, the University California Los Angeles, a historical university well known for it's sporting ambition. Pretty much all of their clothing showcases the famous university logo, this not only helps to keep its legendary status alive but also gives people solid brand recognition.

Originally UCLA clothing was worn solely by students from the university as well as those that had graduated, but this classic style of clothes couldn’t be contained by just those associated with the college. Outsiders wanted a piece of the iconic student style, and eventually people all over the world began wearing UCLA t shirts and hoodies, simply so they could benefit from the sporty stylishness and sunny college lifestyle that these clothes so successfully promote.

Different UCLA T Shirts Reflect Various Different Styles

Born out of a prestigious sports college it would be an absolute farce if UCLA didn't produce sporty kind of gear. Having said that, the brand go well beyond simple sport styles, they add a designer edge to attract fashionable dressers as well as students and people who regularly exercise. UCLA tops come complete in a number of styles, a few of the favourites are as follows:
  • UCLA Antares Top: American Football style jersey.
  • UCLA Bucks Vest Top: Basketball style sleeveless tee.

  • UCLA Safford T Shirt: Baseball style buttoned shirt.

  • UCLA Powell T Shirt: Smart designer t shirts with bold logo designs.

  • UCLA Linden T Shirt: Similar to the Powell design but vintage and faded logo designs.

  • UCLA Gilroy T Shirt: Designer top with subtler logo designs and looser emblem positioning.
All UCLA clothing has a casual style that makes them flexible enough to be worn for all different occasions, whether that’s going about your business on campus or chilling out at home after a hard day at work. UCLA Shirts aren’t limited to just students and graduates, anyone that appreciates great style and a retro sports image can embrace the brand.
Blue Banana's Range Of UCLA T Shirts
Although we pride ourselves on alternative fashion for gothic crowds, we do dabble in more commercially viable fashion and the UCLA brand is one of our favourites. This can ensure you that whenever UCLA release a top new range of T shirts, hoodies, vests or jogging bottoms, Blue Banana are more than likely going to stock it.

We already host an awesome selection of UCLA shirts, all of which are sure to please fans of the university brand as well as newcomers to whole shabang! And although these T shirts all come from the same university they’re not exactly uniform in appearance!

There are many different styles to flutter with.  From reserved colours to brighter shades, or busy designs to relaxed arrangements, whether you want to stand proud pushing out your UCLA chest or you wish to blend in wearing casual designer clothes, Blue Banana has it all to help you create a great outfit in either summery shorts or smart trousers.

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