Vintage Coats

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Vintage Coats

When the weather outside becomes a lot harsher to deal with you no longer have to settle for the boring same old modern coats because you can now buy wonderful old school glamour from our selection of Vintage coats! Our retro styled jackets have designs that hark back to humbler times but look just as fabulous today as they did decades ago when they were at the height of fashion.

Our amazing collection of vintage style coats come complete with a great variety of different styles, many are supplied by well-known alternative fashion brands such as Banned and Hell Bunny. Whatever brand it's from, our retro coats seem to conjure up all those charming authentic looks that echoes timeless appeal.

Bring Some Old Coat Styles To Our Contemporary Fashion World By Getting Cosy Inside Vintage Coats

Our selection of vintage looking coats are all made with distinct and iconic styles which would have been worn by fashionable people from past decades. Many of the retro jackets are inspired by the clothing from as early as the 1920ís, and even in our modern day these coats still reflect uncompromising glamour or desired niche styles.

Vintage styles are not just for those that share a curiosity for the past. You can be browsing all the modern shops in the world for new coats but at some point you'll have to concede how influential older styles are in today's fashion industry. You may not even set out to buy vintage coats but somehow you end up falling in love with traditional styles wishing to embrace that look there and then.

Big Alternative Fashion Brands Supply Our Vintage Coats

Our vintage style coats are manufactured by highly respected brands within alternative fashion. They are all experts in reviving styles of the past for modern generations to enjoy. On top of that they're produced with great care and attention to detail, making sure that from top to bottom they feel and appear exactly like the fashionable retro jackets that inspired their design.

Select designs from these top brands include the 1940ís style coats from Banned and the gorgeous New Millie Coat from Hell Bunny. Both of these coats as well as many more are simply fabulous, staying true to authentic styles and making them a must have for those with retro tastes. Our collection contains:
  • Quality & Authentic Looking Vintage Coats
  • Retro Styles From Top Brands Such As Hell Bunny, Banned, Poizen Industries & Voodoo Vixen
  • A Hot Bed Of Retro Designs For Vintage Fashion Enthusiasts
  • Newer Steampunk Coats For Men And Women
When To Buy Vintage Coats?
Vintage or retro coats are perfect for wearing in all seasons but particularly during autumn and winter months when the coldness truly bites. The fact they look highly stylish is an added bonus, there really shouldn't be any fears about having to sacrifice modern stylishness because when the weather turns harsh a vintage coat can act as a practical as well as an aesthetically pleasing piece of clothing.

So if youíre slightly curious about vintage clothing or you have a full blown obsession with vintage and retro style then look no further than Blue Banana's amazing collection of traditional and classical fashion. Many of the coats on sale have authentic looking designs that wouldnít look out of place if you used the TARDIS to go back to their ultimate fashionable peak. These coats are just as beautiful and stylish today as they were years ago.

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