Gothic T Shirts

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Gothic T Shirts

One of the best ways of showing your passion towards Gothic fashion and culture is by wearing some Gothic t shirts. The Gothic scene is one of the longest standing subcultures the world has ever seen. The scene draws influence from a concoction of sources from Victorian horror novels, Gothic architecture, romance, death and music.

From its humble beginnings the Gothic scene has significantly grown. Itís spurted off into many different directions with off shoot genres such as Steampunk, Emo and Heavy Metal fashion taking little bits from the original Gothic culture to make it their own. Gothic designs are usually very evocative and emotional, although a dark and sorrowful theme is never far away from most Gothic designed clothing.

Show Your True Colours With Some Gothic T Shirts

Gothic tees come in many different styles and itís hard to put a finger on the archetypal Gothic design, however, darker colours, especially black, are very prominent within Gothic fashion. Black is a great way to show your appreciation towards the dark arts and it encapsulates everything that Gothic is all about, from attitudes to style.

Just because black is the leading colour for Goths, that isnít to say that t shirt designs are bland and boring. Many Gothic t shirts display an array of creative and artistic designs. Some are blatantly Gothic whereas others are a bit more subtle in their approach. Tattoo art designs have become a very popular fixture within certain Gothic fashion scenes. That rebellious edge is embraced by many Gothic cultures.

The more mainstream Gothic designs include symbolic motifs often associated with morbidness, horror and death. Skulls, bats and skeleton designs are often common within Gothic designed t shirts. Gothic fashion also experiments with fantasy with mythological creatures such as dragons, Dracula and Frankenstein's monster all appearing in Gothic clothing designs.

Dress Casually But Still Stay Loyal With Some Gothic T Shirts

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The great thing about Gothic tees is that you donít have to combine them into an outfit; you can simply chuck on a t shirt with Gothic designs and let that do the talking. People will still know where you stand. Gothic tees for women use a more feminine approach with subjects such as romance being explored, whereas menís Gothic clothing can be much more provocative and a lot brasher.

Official Gothic music t shirts are also a fantastic way of showing your interest for Gothic music. These can be band member t shirts or album covers and this is the perfect way for other Gothic enthusiasts to recognise your tastes and create potential friendships.

Whether its music, arts, literature or fantasy, Gothic fashion isnít limited to simply black boots and coats, thereís a whole host of Gothic clothing that exercises an array of subjects, tastes and designs. Searching through household Gothic brands such as Alchemy, Sullen Clothing, Spiral Direct and Jawbreaker can be the best starting point if youíre looking to adopt a new Gothic image. Big brands such as these embody themselves within all things Gothic and tailor their styles for dedicated fans and believers.

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