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There' s no better way to represent SOAD then by wearing some cool System Of A Down t shirts! The South Californian rock band have impressed fans ever since the group's birth in 1994. The distinctive voice of front man Serj Tankian, as well the three other heavy hitting band members, have seen SOAD produce five different albums and perform across the globe. For such a legendary alternative metal band it would be rude if we didn’t sport at least one piece of System of a Down clothing.

After their first album titled 'System of a Down', the group embarked on a path of rocking success. They enjoyed touring with greats such as Fear Factory and Incubus and opened shows for the likes of Slayer and Metallica. However, it would be the release of their second album Toxicity that saw System of a Down really make their mark. Songs such as Chop Suey!, Toxicity and Aerials saw the hard rock band catapult onto the lips of many rock music fans.

Rock Out Wearing Some System Of A Down T Shirts

With a band's success comes band merchandise and clothing. It’s a way for loyal fans to show off their style and flaunt the music they cherish. There are heaps of System of a Down clothing out there, from album cover t shirts to tees showing the band performing live. You can also find SOAD clothing that reflects the band's criticism of politics. T Shirts mirror the outspoken material and lyrics that is often found within their music.

With four Grammy Award nominations under their belt, System of a Down are up there with the most iconic hard rock groups of modern times. The band's biggest claim to fame was represented by winning the 2006 Best Hard Rock Performance with their song B.Y.O.B. This song was a witty take on the phrase "Bring Your Own Booze” which saw the band transform this into "Bring Your Own Bombs” in protest against the Iraq War. Wearing a System of a Down tee depicting such a message is sure to create talking points and will let everyone know where you stand on war and politics.

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If you enjoy the hard hitting drums and distorted guitar of fierce rock music then you’ve probably already got a smart collection of punk rock T shirts and heavy metal merchandise. If you have overlooked SOAD then this is your perfect opportunity to do something about it.

Wearing some official SOAD clothing, be it the bands logo or album T Shirt, might just rekindle your love for the group. If you've already got a neat collection of System of a Down clothes then there is no harm in making new additions to your collection.

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System Of A Down T Shirts