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Ghostbusters T Shirts

Whether you love the classic Ghostbusters films or you see yourself as a bit of a ghost hunter, show your dedication to all things paranormal with some Ghostbusters T Shirts. The iconic supernatural comedy film first made its mark in 1984. Featuring three enthusiastic parapsychologists, the film took off to be one of the most popular ghost orientated comedies ever made.

With years passing on by, the original film still gets shown and it remains a favourite amongst families. Following up from the first film's success, producers have made one sequel and a couple of animated television series. People continue to embrace the Ghostbusters legacy. It could be by rocking a simple Ghostbusters tee or maybe itís pushing the boundaries with an extravagant Ghostbusters costume, whatever the reason, Ghostbusters clothes are just one of the ways we show our appreciation to the classic.

Become A Dedicated Ghoul Hunter With Some A Ghostbusters T Shirts

Many Ghostbusters T Shirts simply use the image of the filmís release poster, that startled white ghost behind the red cross, a familiar sight whether you adore the films or not. Others depict the title characters, with Bill Murray T Shirts proving extremely popular. Whereas the other T Shirts feature some of the fun taglines and quotes from the films - none more so than "Who You Gonna Call? Ghostbusters!Ē

The character Stay Puft Mashmallow Man is also a firm fixture within Ghostbusters designed T Shirts. His tilted sailor hat and flumped lumbering paranormal size makes the Marshmallow Man a memorable character from Ghostbusters. Itís not only the characters that make this film tick, that famous soundtrack and in particular the Ghostbusters song still gets hummed, sung and shouted by all ages today.
  • Official Ghostbusters Movie Merchandise
  • Perfect Way To Celebrate The 80s Comedy Classic
  • A Great Gift Or Treat For Fans & Loved Ones

Pay Respect To The Classics By Wearing Ghostbusters T Shirts

If youíre known for dressing in retro film T shirts or you love to rekindle the flame of aged productions then why not sharpen your collection with some Ghostbusters clothes? By wearing a Ghostbusters tee youíll be reunited with your childhood and itís also likely to kick off discussions with other fans or admirers of iconic films.

Itís no surprise that Ghostbusters shirts, socks and jumpers are still visible in the modern day. Even though it was released as a comical ghost spoof the film racked up award nominations well outside its sector and is still rated as one of the best films for its fun blend of special effects, comedy and ghost hunting. Why not pay some respect to a classic with some Ghostbusters clothing; youíll only be left needing a Ghostbusters Proton Pack to capture the ghosts!

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