Dr Martens Triumph

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Dr Martens Triumph

Anarchic male Punks wearing a pair of bruised up Dr Martens is perhaps the most stereotypical vision of DMs but the Dr Martens Triumph offers women the exact same vibes. Now predominately a female Dr Martens range but with a few models for men, the Triumph offers great resistance, comfort and durability. Three core features that have gone a long way in helping to create Dr Martens iconic status.

The DM Triumph boots provide a much greater fashionable awareness for people to boldly embrace. Nowadays Dr Martens no longer look to solely produce sturdy boots full of shimmer as the modern Triumph contains many contemporary styles for fashion conscious trend setters.

Early Days Of Dr Martens Triumph Boots

The Triumph boots, often named the 1914, give their wearers a smooth and classic leather touch. They’re often depicted with the traditional 8 or 12 eyelet lace up that begins right at the top of the boot and comes all the way down to the front. These boots are notorious for their comfort and protection as the high structure totally covers the feet, ankle and lower leg up to the shins.

The Triumph boots have a wealth of history behind them. They’ve trod on many broken glass bottles and alcohol littered venues at Punk gigs and continued to stay popular right up to the Two Tone era of Ska music. Their connection with music and subcultures around the 70s still gets mentioned today with Dr Martens going hand in hand with the rebellion of Punk.
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Dr Martens Triumph Boots Are Still Triumphant

The exact same comfortable and resistant sentiments are still present with contemporary Dr Martens Triumph boots. Although they’re tough as ever, the shoes image has been tweaked over recent years. Modifications have been made to give a sleeker and swankier guise to the Triumph boots. You can now buy them with different materials other than leather. They also display all kinds of artwork such as floral motifs inside the boots lining and modern shades on the outside of the boot.

This historic boot is still getting worn today and is continuously being updated for the latest tastes in popular culture. Although the stigma and rebellious association may have been tainted, the Triumph’s high performance nature and distinct template is still enjoyed all these years on. With an ever growing range you’ll be certain that the Triumph Dr Martens boot will extend its impressive reign.

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