Khaki Skinny Jeans

Skinny Jeans can have you looking slick, streamline and smart but having a pair of khaki skinny jeans can really bring out a sophisticated look. The light shade of yellow brown, often compared to beige or tan is a military inspired colour taken from the British Indian Army. However, away from the ancient battlefields, the khaki colour has grown from a camouflaged shade to a colour that oozes smart casual.

The khaki colour has a few different shades, there is a light khaki that borders on yellow, a dark khaki that appears olive green and the standard khaki that sits just in the middle of the two. Each khaki shade can contribute to that smart and casual image but some match better with particular clothes.

How To Wear Khaki Skinny Jeans

Dark khaki jeans are much more versatile than light khaki jeans because they can be worn and married against a broader range of tones and still look great. Khaki skinny jeans are most appealing when they’re introduced to neutral colour mixes such as chocolate, cognac, black, cream, white and grey.

You also have to be weary of your shoe choice if you’re sporting a pair of khaki trousers. For the most complimentary choice you should again consider cognac brown, grey and tan. Outlandish and colourful shoes can totally spoil your casual khaki image so try to steer clear of brighter shades.

If you’re someone who enjoys bold and bright colours, and couldn’t live without them, then perhaps maroon, burgundy, orange and magenta is the way to go. These red undertones are just enough to bond well with your khaki jeans.

Khaki Skinny Jeans For The Chic Look

Khaki coloured skinnies have been key contributors to the chic style. That reserved and almost vintage look embraces the khaki shade, it’s a very niche and boutique fashion style but it can help transform you from something quite ordinary into something more unique. Khaki coloured jeans have also been said to give you that rugged countryside look.

Of course you don’t need become a certain ‘style’ to enjoy khaki coloured trousers, they are what they are, a subdued and relaxing colour that has the ability to give you that smart casual image in a matter of moments. It’s a colour that can be worn on dress down days or smarter occasions.

Khaki jeans and trousers have come a very long way from a wartime uniform. They’re now accepted across the board and a pair of skinny jeans offering the khaki tones can really complete your suave look.

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Khaki Skinny Jeans

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